Oh! Yeah, you have oculus quest2, or you wish to buy it. But, you want to know the best Oculus quest2 games. You are at the right place. I am here to clear your confusion. As you know, Oculus Quest2 was created by Facebook Technologies, a division of Meta. I feel it is the best headset you can buy it now.

Here is a list of some games you need to play. Playing games in oculus quest2 is a mind-blowing experience in itself. You can enjoy 360degree video content and apps covering all genres. As well you can enjoy the ott platforms and enjoy the rides. It has exclusive features and more than a dozen kinds of games.

 Best Oculus Quest 2 Games

Picking up the best game heavily depends upon your choice(the type of game you want). You will like all these because I will share all kinds of games mentioned here when you change your good mood to another type.

Best Oculus Quest 2 Games

So, that you could enjoy the way you want to, but, apart from that do you know? You will get dozen of games for free. Isn’t it superb! Not only this, Some of them have short demonstrations up on the Oculus Virtual Reality technology unless in others people experience being wholly fleshed out.
You are thinking of creating a library. All of the games take the same place, which I will mention.

Let us get started.

You are thinking of creating a library. All of the games take the same place which I am going to mention. Let us get started.

  1. Song in the Smoke

Song in the smoke is a Virtual Reality survival game with horror elements. Most importantly, it gives players complete freedom. So that you can haunt, explore and conquer. It is a full treacherous wilderness. It takes the prize on Quest. not because it is a great game. Just because it is an incredible technical achievement on the platform, you can jump between dense vegetation which has vast areas drenched and are ready for exploration with seamless, near-instant loading. 

Game-wise, a song in the smoke is a perfect blend of crafting, resource gathering and management. Its deep respect for nature makes it one of the best Oculus Quest games and Meta Quest games. 

Buy on Oculus quest2 for $13

  1. Walkabout Mini golf

Mini golf is something that is working quite well in VR. Walkabout is a real life-based experience game. It will give a real-life experience due to its accurate representation of the game, which you can experience in real life.
This game provides courses. Unlock Night Mode for more challenging versions of all systems. Its Localization has been updated now supports English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Korean along with that, you can play solo with 1v1 online quick match also, you can create a private room with up to 5 members you can enjoy this with your five friends.

Buy on oculus quest2 for $14.99

  1. Skyrim VR

Skyrim Virtual Reality experiences an unparalleled sense of immersion, death with the complete fantasy masterpiece. People experience everything From battling ancient to dragons to exploring as dragons are hanging above and are about to come to them with full 360degree vision. 

It comes with a 15GB available space. 

Even though it is about to experience its 10th anniversary

Buy on Oculus for $59.99

  1. Real VR Fishing

Photorealistic environments and fish models make this best-looking fish game one of the best fishing games due to The graphics and photos used.
Inviting friends to explore and fish you makes the experience even better.

Let me tell you one more exciting thing, which has become a fun experience for anglers and non-anglers alike. You can change avatar, equipment and difficulty level . not only you but every player also can. You will get a customized aquarium to store each fish you catch.

Buy on Oculus for $19.99

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  1. Until You Fall

It is a mixture of combat of Dark Souls challenges and a rogue-like; this VR game has a synth-wave soundtrack with a non-aesthetic. It comes with a satisfying gameplay loop.
It will give you new insights and upgrades whenever you die. Each time you fall. It is equipped with a sword, mace or knife, in the Civilization series. To put the game down, Every successful run makes it difficult.
But, a large amount down will go down when falling own sweetest torcher by any game, if you lobe that, then you are going with “Until you fall.”

Buy on Oculus for$24.99

  1. SUPER Hot VR

Have you ever imagined a series to be like polygonal traversing? Not, only this it is of stark environments. If you want to experience this, you have to go with “Super Hot VR” it comes with super hot’s core mechanic of time. With a creative way. It will move only when you move. That’s beyond! It brings it into virtual reality.
When a bullet ducks you physically, it will shift from creeping forward.

It is considered when you are in a space and think many steps ahead from one-shot death.

Usually, it is a super cool game. But, when lying in VR, it feels turbocharged and ironically.
A small tip is to be aware while playing this game. You can strike your head in the wall in real life to kill the enemy as it is a very engaging game.

You buy it on Oculus for $49.99

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If you want to experience the best graphics, you must go with “Half-Life ALYX”. Along with that, you want to share a VR experience. This will be the best choice for you. Valve builds this game specifically for VR headsets.
This game has sold a massive amount of copies. It is a perfect example of how good VR gaming can be. Also, you can connect the Quest2 with a gaming pc by using the Pc link cable.

You buy it on Oculus for $36

  1. Population: One

 It is a too innovative game. As easy to use as a simple Fortnite clone. When the last group standing than you and your two teammates scavenging for weapons and supplies you, will be dropped down to perform the same. The show’s true star is its exclusive vertical combat system with a wide variety of guns and structures to build.

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The surface you see is climbable. You can quickly change the map and use a wingsuit to fly into the battles from a higher position. This game is also made to experience the firefights as a team to scramble. It is a unique addition to the royal genre 

It is awe-inspiring to see a game of this scale. As a developer, BigBox VR is keeping this fresh for every user experience. 

These are the best Oculus quest2 games. You can experience any of them. This will give you a good experience.

I hope this article is helpful for you. Suppose you want to share something related to this article. Feel free to contact us in the comment section.