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 Best Phones Supporting 5G in 2021

Best Phones Supporting 5G in 2021

Since there’s a lot of talk about the 5G network and its supremacy over 4G in the future, logically, you want to be able to enjoy the perks of having a 5G connection enabled. If you check the offer provided by your phone carriers, you will see that most of them are already offering the 5G services and selling phones supporting the 5G network.

In order for you to be prepared and use the fast Internet connection to the maximum, I will list for you a couple of the best 5G phones at the moment. Also, I’d like to make a shortlist of the major US phone carriers and their offer of 5G phones. So, let’s start

Which phones support the 5G network?

There are several categories we use to divide phones supporting the 5G network. In order to be easier for you to find what you’re looking for, I’ll point out the main characteristics – the phone’s price or the use.

Best 5G phones at any price

If you do not mind paying as much as it takes to have a phone supporting the 5G network, you can look up this section. Here are several models that might seem pricey but have outstanding value for the money. Also, I’ve listed a couple of cheaper options, so you can choose what suits your budget and your needs.

ModelRelease DateCPURAMStorageBatteryOS
OnePlus 9 Pro2021Snapdragon 8888/12 GB128/256 GB4,500 mAhAndroid 11
OnePlus 8 Pro2020Snapdragon 8658/12 GB128/256 GB4,510 mAhAndroid 10
Motorola One 5G2020Snapdragon 7654/6/8 GB64/128 GB5,000 mAhAndroid 10
Oppo Find X2 Lite2020Snapdragon 765G8 GB128 GB4,025 mAhAndroid 10

Let’s elaborate on each of these models a little bit, so you can find what works for you.

OnePlus 9 Pro

The latest model of OnePlus phones, improved version of the OnePlus 8 Pro. This phone definitely improved the camera and switched to a newer OS, Android 11. The device offers a 5G connection and CPU Snapdragon 888, which is more advanced than all the other models in the table. The most significant advantage of this device besides the camera is the screen resolution. The device has 65W fast charging and 50W wireless charging, making it a highly desirable model.

OnePlus 8 Pro

Another extraordinary phone on our list. Even though it’s last year’s model, it’s still very competitive with new models. It has up to 12 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 865 CPU. The screen resolution is impressive, with several built-in features to improve your display experience. This phone is considered a little bit pricey as well, but again, good value for the money. Of course, it supports the 5G network.

Motorola One 5G

As the name itself says, this device supports 5G technology. The model found its place on our list since it is way more affordable than the previous two models, and yet, it has what you are looking for. The RAM goes up to 8 GB, while storage space can be up to 128 GB. The CPU this device has is Snapdragon 765, which is yet another good processor. The device has a long-lasting battery, which is an additional plus to this model.

Oppo Find X2 Lite

Stylish and affordable, Oppo Find X2 Lite will satisfy your needs. The device supports a 5G network and has fantastic features. There is 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space, as well as a Snapdragon 765G CPU. The phone looks fantastic and feels good in the hand. Also, it can compete with other cheaper phones supporting 5G.

Best 5G phones for watching and streaming media

Again, depending on your needs, you can look for a device with the best watching and streaming media solution that supports 5G. If the whole purpose of using a 5G Internet connection is for you to download and stream media, then this section is meant for you.

ModelRelease DateCPURAMStorageBatteryOS
iPhone 12 Pro Max2020A14 Bionic6 GB128/256/512 GB3,687 mAhiOS 14
Sony Xperia 1 II2020Snapdragon 8658 GB256 GB4,000 mAhAndroid 10

iPhone 12 Pro Max

As the best version of the newly released iPhone, I’ll point out iPhone 12 Pro Max. The device has A14 Bionic CPU, which is the best performance CPU iPhone has so far. Also, there is 6 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of storage space. The device is running on the new iOS 14, and of course, it supports the 5G network.

Sony Xperia 1 II

Only phone on our list with a 4K screen. Stunning device coming out after a bit of blank period by Sony. The device has a Snapdragon 865 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of storage space. You cannot find the 5G version of this model in the US yet; however, soon should be present.

Best Samsung 5G phones

There are a lot of Samsung phones supporting 5G technology. However, I will list only a couple of them for you.

Of course, the newest version of Samsung Galaxy S21 supports 5G. Also, there is Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series, Galaxy S10 5G series, and the most recommended of all, Samsung Galaxy A52 5G series.

Why is this series the most recommended? Because this device features a display capable of a 120 Hz fresh rate. However, the best series Samsung has is Samsung S20 FE 5G series. The phone is affordable and has all the features an average user needs, including Snapdragon 865 5G CPU, 6/8 GB RAM, and 128/256 GB of storage space. The battery has a 4,500 mAh and fast charge option.

Verizon 5G phones

As one of the major US carriers, Verizon included 5G phones in their offer. Verizon is offering several different phone manufacturers, including Samsung, iPhone, Google, Motorola, Nokia, and OnePlus. This carrier provides purchasing the 5G network device included in your mobile phone plan. For example, you can get Samsung A42 for as low as $5 per month with unlimited plans.

As per Verizon’s website, this carrier is very dedicated to its gaming audience. They offer certain games alongside the phones supporting 5G technology.

For the complete offer of this carrier, you can visit the Verizon website

T-Mobile 5G phones

Another primary carrier is offering a 5G network as well as mobile devices supporting 5G. As per T-Mobile’s website, the carrier offers up to $830 off your iPhone 12 price if you trade an eligible iPhone and get 24 monthly bill credits. Other than iPhone, this carrier also offers the newest Samsung S21 5G, OnePlus 9 Pro 5G, Google Pixel supporting 5G, etc.

According to T-Mobile, using 5G gives you higher Internet speed, increased network reliability, and better phone performance.

The full offer of T-Mobile 5G phones you can check here

After we’ve reviewed a couple of models supporting 5G technology and a couple of phone carriers offering you to buy such a phone, you should choose carefully. Choose based on the price / monthly plan, your needs, and the device’s features.

If you have any recommendations for the 5G phone, please leave a comment in the section below!


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