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Here is a list of universities that can make your dream of getting a technology degree come true.


This university has a place in the top 25 universities. It has a worldwide reputation due to its quality education system and research labs. Students can get professional degrees in fine arts, economics, business, and computer science—the expert professors organize a high-level learning environment that helps students better learn.


The Ann Arbor’s University of Michigan is a popular public institute. It continuously provides a high level of education in various fields like economics, business, and information technology. Around 30,204 students of undergraduate level enrolled in this university. Students have to face huge competition during admission season. Because the acceptance rate of the university is only 23%. The major subjects that universities offering for graduate students are;

  • Information technology
  • Economics
  • Business

The University of Michigan has 93% success stories that successfully get 49,800 dollars in their starting year.

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The highly reputed private institute has 6,218 students registered for a graduate degree. PR institute has fair competition for enrollment. Students have to face a 47% acceptance rate by the university that is difficult to achieve. Major subjects include chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science. 85% of students who graduated from RP institute are getting a 66,100 dollars salary in the starting year.


The New York Institute is a well-known university located in New York and exists without walls. It is the symbol of no walls between your classroom and your bright future career. It is the best university in the world, with more campuses in 15 elite cities. Moreover, it provides a universal network to serve the students with a high-quality education. The New York University welcomed students belonging to 150 different countries. This university attracts the risk-taker who is curious and innovative to bring evolution in technology.


The private university is founded in Provo, Utah, located in Salt Lake City. 28,288 undergraduate students get registration every year. The student has to compete with a huge number of students for successful admission. 67% registration rate is shown in Brigham Young University. 78% of Brigham students successfully start their career with 41,100 dollars starting annual salary. Applied physiology, psychology, accounting, and computer science are the major field of the university.


The University of Texas is a public institute. This university originated in Richardson, Texas, situated in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. The university has a large space to enroll 17,943 students. It also set a competition for admission but was not as strict as Carnegie university. It shows a 79% acceptance rate. The University of Texas has a variety of graduate programs for undergraduate students. These programs include computer science, IT, accounting, and biology. 70% of graduates from this university achieve their career successfully with a 44,000 dollars starter salary.

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The university has a very dedicated and expert staff that provides qualitative learning. Professors are so motivational that they encourage the students from the first day of learning to the last day at the campus. The ECPI University follows the student-centered method of learning. This method allows the students to participate in lab research and debates to get more confidence, dedication, and knowledge.


It is a highly rated university working at the public level with a great reputation. The university is situated in Seattle, Washington. An average of 29,332 students gets admission every year to the University of Washington. It has a 52% rate of accepting admission forms. Students face high competition for registration. Political science, digital communication, experimental psychology, and information technology are the major programs running in this university. It has an 84% success rate, and successful students are getting 44, 900 dollars at starting their career.


The public university is located at Wabash Township, Indiana. The university has a large space to cover 32,606 undergraduates every year. A fair competition was held between students to win a seat in a particular classroom. 60% of the acceptance rate makes it difficult for students to get admission. 82% of graduated students from Purdue University made their career successfully with 44,800 dollars starting salary.


Florida University originated in Tallahassee, Florida. 29,879 students get admission every year to this public university. It accepts 36% of the registration form. The students need to perform well in the competition test for admission. Major subjects include finance, technology, psychology, and criminal justice. 83% of success stories get their profession with a 36,500 dollars starter package