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 15 Best ps5 games to play in 2022

15 Best ps5 games to play in 2022

Best ps5 games to play, in the form of Stray, we now have a new entry on our list of top PS5 games. This charming independent film made it onto our list, and it wasn’t just because of the cute cat protagonist. Otherwise, these suggestions have remained fairly constant as of late, likely due to the fact that we are now deep into the summer’s traditionally sluggish period for video game releases. There are a lot of highly anticipated PS5 games coming out in the next several months, so we doubt this list will remain unchanged for very long.

The quality of the PS5 exclusives published thus far has been greatly enhanced by the quality of the PS5 launch titles that shipped with the device back in November 2020. The only thing this collection will do is make you more determined to track down a PlayStation 5 while supplies last. This list of the best PS5 games, including a good selection of the PS5 launch games, has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a shot of pure, extra-strength joy from Sackboy: A Big Adventure, a demon challenge from Demon’s Souls, or a chance to feel like a hero in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Best ps5 games to play

15. The Hearts of Satan

There’s never been a more appealing way to die out than at the hands of a heartless monster. One of the nicest looking games on the PS5 is the remaster of the 2009 cult classic Demon’s Souls, which has been updated for the 4K era. Best ps5 games to play, while the motion capture, texturing, and sounds are new, the intense gameplay is completely true to the source material, retaining the same challenging learning curve and rewarding sense of mastery with each triumph. New items, armour, and weapons to desire have been added, as has an adjustment to the quantity of healing grass you may carry, and new consumable Grains offer bonuses as you travel. Everyone, from seasoned warriors to those who have never set foot in Boletaria before, can find something new and exciting in this classic quest.

14. Kena: The Spiritual Overpass

If you enjoy platformers with layered fighting aspects and have a soft spot for cute things, then you will definitely enjoy Kena: Bridge of Spirits. You take on the role of Kena, a spirit guide who has come to the aid of a besieged community. The soot sprite-like Rot are not only the prettiest game companions ever but also highly important for solving puzzles and pulling off lethal attacks in battle, and some of the spirits themselves will aid you.

13. Astro’s Playroom

If you enjoy platformers with layered fighting aspects and have a soft spot for cute things, then you will definitely enjoy Kena: Bridge of Spirits. You take on the role of Kena, a spirit guide who has come to the aid of a besieged community. The soot sprite-like Rot are not only the prettiest game companions ever but also highly important for solving puzzles and pulling off lethal attacks in battle, and some of the spirits themselves will aid you.

12. Stray

You wouldn’t think a game would require much of an introduction if all it had to offer was a lovely orange tabby cat as its protagonist, but Stray is about more than just that. Blue-first Twelve’s release is a charming platformer with a fair amount of puzzles and a compelling, semi-post-apocalyptic setting. You’ll be free to explore an otherwise deserted metropolis populated only by robots and a mountain of garbage. There are many wonderful examples of storytelling, breathtaking scenery, and a satisfying level of puzzlement that all combine to make this an absolute must-read.

Best ps5 games to play

11. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Until we played Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy by Eidos Montreal, we didn’t think it was feasible for a different developer to put their own spin on the notorious space pirates. Star-Lord, just a few years into the crew’s time together, is your leader as you take control of the Guardians. In this rendition, Groot, Rocket, Gamora, and Draxx have all recently returned from an interstellar battle, and they each bring with them tragic backstories that feel almost like alternate histories. This single-player experience is all about working together, both in exploration and battle, and realising that friends can be as close as family.

10.Hitman: The Third Assassination

Since anything and everything may be used in your assassination mission, the latest Hitman game, Agent 47, is the most innovative in the series to date and the perfect ending to this story arc. It’s a tonne of fun, has great level design, and takes you on a gigantic deadly odyssey from Dubai to Dartmoor in the United Kingdom.

9. Valhalla: Assassin’s Creed

In Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, you play the role of Viking clan chieftain Eivor, marking the series’ triumphant return to the historical murder genre. Start a new community in mediaeval England, topple rulers to form alliances, and set sail with your longship crew to loot the cities and monasteries of Mercia. Thanks to its complex protagonist, Eivor, its vicious combat, and its extensive customization options—which extend to everything from your fighting style to the design of your face tattoo—Creed: Assassin’s Odyssey will go down in history as one of the series’ finest entries. Explore the mysteries of Anglo-Saxon England, placate the pagan gods, and embark on unique dream quests; the Viking legends are a perfect fit for the lore of the world. There’s a good reason why Vikings have captivated the world ever since they began their plundering ways, and Valhalla only serves to deepen our admiration for them.

8. Ghost of Tsushima, Extended Edition

Even if you’ve already beaten Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation 4, the PS5 port is an excellent experience. The PS5 edition adds 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, fantastic DualSense capabilities, and 3D Audio. The new Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island extension, included in the Director’s Cut, is a fascinating side narrative set in a new setting. You’ll get to know our hero Jin better, make some new pals (or enemies), and interact with some cute critters in all new supplementary material. In a short amount of time, it has established itself as a top-tier PS5 title.

7. Sackboy: The Greatest Odyssey

The epitome of perfection in platforming, bursting at the seams with surprises, joys, and charisma. Our hero, Sackboy, has a blast travelling to planets with unique themes like the rainforest and the ocean floor in order to thwart the nefarious plots of Vex (Richard E. Grant). Ingenious level design, including sticky feet that allow you to walk on walls, levels that move in sync to music, and amusing tools like boomerangs and grappling hooks, give the game an atmosphere reminiscent of a raucous craft store party. Sackboy can be dressed as anything from a cuddly tiger to a punk witch climber by collecting bells throughout the game and purchasing additional costumes. It’s clear that a lot of care and enthusiasm went into making every hidden area, clever foe, and fun extra in this game. It will brighten your day whether you’re buying it for a kid or for your own inner kid.

Best ps5 games to play

6. Coming home

While not everyone will enjoy Returnal, you can’t deny how wonderfully it showcases the PS5’s hardware and visuals. This difficult roguelike has a stunning visual style and satisfying gameplay. The rain of Atropos, felt through the controller, and the visual splendour of neon against a monochromatic landscape are both stunning, if somewhat depressing. Every time you die in Returnal, the loop resets and you start the game over again as Selene, the protagonist, explores the strange world in search of answers. As you go through the game’s many biomes and acquire new upgrades, weaponry, and alien technology, you’ll begin to uncover the truth behind the game’s many paradoxical loops.

5. Elden’s Ring

If you get into Elden Ring, you can’t get out. In bringing its unique brand of gameplay to an open world for the first time, FromSoftware has created its best game since the original Dark Souls. To ensure that pain in its unique masochistic form is never enjoyable, it constantly improves, adapts, and tinkers with the formula.

4. Ratchet and Clank series

There are a couple of reasons why Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart ranks so high on our list of best PS5 games. It’s not just the most impressive showcase of the PS5’s capabilities, but also the best Ratchet & Clank experience to date, with our heroes taking us on an unforgettable voyage with some new companions. Best ps5 games to play, Once again, Doctor Nefarious has stolen the Dimensionator and torn rifts in reality. After being torn apart and propelled through space and time, Ratchet and Clank solicit the aid of fellow Lombax Rivet to help them piece the cosmos back together. The DualSense’s haptic feedback and its adaptable triggers are put to excellent use, making time travel feel completely seamless. The visuals and gameplay in Ratchet & Clank are better than ever.

Best ps5 games to play

3. Deathloop

The newest release from Arkane, Deathloop, is another success, as it presents players with a lethal puzzle box that they must crack in order to progress. Available initially as a limited-time PS5-only release, There aren’t many games like Deathloop, where the outcome is completely different from what was anticipated. Don’t waste time waiting around for your targets to stay in one place so you may kill them; instead, use your time trying to solve the puzzle of how to eliminate eight of them in a single day on the Black Reef planet. This bizarre little time-looping universe can be explored and its mysteries unravelled through repeated play and experience.

2. Miles Morales is Spider-number Man’s

The new Spider-Man has all the action and excitement of a comic book, plus plenty of heart and soul and plenty of satisfying swinging through New York City. With the focus shifting from Peter Parker to Miles Morales, the story moves to Harlem, where Miles grew up, and introduces a new set of challenges for the teenage superhero. Using Miles’ bioelectric venom and the DualSense’s haptic feedback, punishing bad guys has never been more fun. Spider-Man: Miles Morales pulls off the difficult balancing act of providing a story that both Venom punches you right in the heart and is also a haven you want to escape to after a hard day in the real world. You’ll be wishing Peter Parker a happy retirement without shedding a tear thanks to Miles’ charisma and that lovely swinging in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

1. The Western Horizon, the Untouchable

It’s encouraging to see a sequel with as much self-assurance as Horizon: Forbidden West. It doesn’t need to break new ground to be entertaining; after all, it’s just another game about rescuing Earth from a race of huge mechanical dinosaurs. The story of Aloy is just as captivating as that of the original game, if not more so, thanks to the inclusion of more human themes, more interesting new character additions, and tonnes more personality. Additionally, it features even more robo-dinosaurs and some of the best optional quests in the gaming industry at now. What’s more, it’s a breathtaking demonstration of the PS5’s capabilities.

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Best ps5 games to play


Q: How many games are currently available on the PS5?

As of this writing, 504 titles can be found here.

Q: Which has more games, the PlayStation or the Xbox?

It may seem strange to decide which console was the finest of the previous generation, but new games are still being developed for these systems, so they are far from obsolete. The PS4 wins out because it has more unique games available.

Q: Are PS4 controllers compatible with the Best ps5 games to play?

A PS4 controller will work with PS5 as long as you’re playing PS4 games. A PS4 controller will not function with a PS5 disc installed; instead, the PS5 DualSense controller is required.

Q: Will there be a new PlayStation 5?

The first PS5 Pro rumours appeared on the web in early 2022. RedGamingTech, a reputable video game analyst, has said that Sony is working on a more powerful PS5 for a release in late 2023 or early to mid 2024.

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