How many times lately you were considering buying a new laptop? Too many! But what was stopping you is most probably or the price or looking forward to the latest version. Non-regarding is it for business, gaming, or any other purpose. A better configuration is always preferable. You found yourself in a situation where your laptop gets frozen, and you lose all of your previous work done. If you are a gamer, a slight latency difference can significantly impact the performance that you are used to. All of this stuff can be solved with new machinery. But the big question is when to buy a new laptop? Is it worth it? This guide will give you a couple of experienced tips on when to buy a new laptop. 

When we want something, especially if you are an impulsive buyer, we are looking for the best instant deal. You wouldn’t believe how much money you can save just by being patient. If you buy a year-old laptop, that’s still a great product, but you can pay way less money than you wanted to. Of course, you need to know what you want and for what purposes, but the principle is the same. Now we will give you a couple of simple tips on when to buy a great laptop and save some cash, just by being patient and smart. 

When to buy a laptop?

#1 – Black Friday ( Last Friday in November ) & Cyber Monday ( Right after BF ) 

These events happen in late November every year. You probably saw videos of people fighting on the way to the store, in the queue, and the store for the products. Why? They all want a new product for the best price. If your wife’s word is the last in the house, you will go for Black Friday offers and buy some useless stuff for home, most probably or kitchen devices you don’t even need. But if you are looking for a laptop, a better option is to wait for Cyber Monday and get the best deal. Researches show that people who waited for Cyber Monday saved on average 21% just by waiting for the right time for shopping. 

#2 – Schoool time ( Between June & September ) 

This is a common-sense deal. Studies showed that the last week in July and the first couple of August are the best weeks for buying a new laptop. Those weeks’ sales could be compared to the November/December sales. Students are getting ready for school and college; everyone needs a computer these days, so get prepared to purchase one while you have the best deals. Be sure those will be grabbed at first given an opportunity. So if you thought that waiting at 2 A.M in front of the Best Buy is scary, check out how it is to compete with students who want to succeed. If you find your way around them, you are on the horse. The best deal is right in front of you, and don’t dare to miss it. 

#3 –Before or after big product releases 

As usual, when you are launching a new product, you plan to sell it out. In reality, sometimes, that’s not the case. So there’s an extensive stock of certain products that should be sold out. So when to enter those deals? When some companies have big fresh releases, you should always take a closer look at those dates. Such companies, like Apple or Microsoft, usually have sales in autumn. For Apple should be September if everything is going as planned, for Microsoft in October, respectively. 

Right before launching a new product, companies are tending to put all their previous versions on sale to take as much as they can from those products. That’s when is the best time to enter those deals and get the best possible components for a great price. On the other side, buying a laptop right after its release is not a smart option since its value will be decreased very fast over time. So, if you want a brand new laptop, wait a couple of weeks or even months until you can get a great deal to purchase it for a better price. Be patient! 

I will give you just a simple example of a new MacBook with an M1 chipset. You think it’s a great deal, future in front of your eyes. But how many new things are going to come up in the meantime? How many failures or bugs are you going to find in that product? Therefore, until the company thoroughly tests the chipset, it’s better to keep it still. Wait for the second generation to test everything out and solve most of the previous versions. And then, you can say you made a good deal. 

#4 Amazon Prime Day 

This event date is not fixed. But if you have a Prime membership, this option can be a deal-breaker for you. Keep in mind that there are so many people, like-minded. Therefore you need to react very fast. If you are a member, check for notifications accordingly, and you’ll be ready for the race. They will announce it a couple of weeks earlier, usually in early July, to prepare yourself. 

We are hoping that this guide helped you in making your own decision. Let us know in the comment section below when did you buy your laptop? What was your reason for your purchase at that specific period, and what factors affected your purchasing choice? 

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