As Amazon’s child company Twitch continues to grow as one of the largest streaming platforms currently available, it also keeps introducing new functionalities and more options for supporting your favourite creators. In addition to their recent introduction of local subscription pricing, you can also take advantage of supporting your content creator of choice by using Twitch’s alternative currency, called Bits.

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What are Bits on Twitch?

We’re glad you asked! As you may have noticed, virtual currencies have been exploding in the last couple of years, so Twitch came up with a variant of their own. Twitch Bits represent a form of currency you can use in order to directly support a streamer of your choice financially. Whereas supporting your favoured content creator using real money is called donating, supporting them via Twitch Bits is referred to as ‘cheering’. In a similar fashion to donating, cheering with Bits opens up more options for the viewer that does it by unlocking a fancy badge and emoticons that can be proudly displayed in the Twitch chat.

How do Twitch streamers benefit from their viewers cheering via Bits?

As per Twitch’s description, their Partners and Affiliates receive $0.01 for every Bit used to Cheer directly on their channel(s).

A result of this direct benefit of receiving Cheers, as the description goes on to say, is the fact that streamers went on to integrate Bits into their streams in multiple different ways – like using them for votes and celebrations. If and when a viewer uses Bits to perform a Cheer on a streamer’s channel, animated emotes pop up in the chat. As they can do with donations, streamers can decide the minimal amount of Bits required in order to perform a Cheer – so if the content creator you wish to support through Cheering set their minimum amount to 30, you’ll need at least 30 bits in order to Cheer on their channel.

How much do Twitch Bits cost for purchase in USD?

Now that we’ve got the description of what Twitch Bits are and how they support your favourite content creators out of the way, we can get into the pricing. As you may have imagined, as pretty much any other form of virtual currency, Twitch Bits do have their real life value equivalents. The prices may vary a bit, as the price isn’t set in stone and may change in the future. Another thing worth noting is that there’s (at least currently) a discount on purchasing a large number of bits – the discount may not be available in the future, or the values might change.

As for how Twitch Bit prices are standing now, feel free to take a peek at the cheat sheet below:

Bit amountPrice ($ USD)
100 bits$1.68
500 bits$8.40
1500 bits$23.94
5000 bits$77.28
10000 bits$151.20
25000 bits$369.60

According to these values, a Cheer for 100 bits would net your streamer of choice $1, while Twitch would take $0.40. Of course, this may differ, depending on the particular streamer’s Twitch contract. While Amazon still takes its fair share of the cut for all Twitch Bits purchases, they can be a good way to support your streamer and gain certain other benefits at the same time. If the goal is only to support your content creator of choice and help them out as much as you can, though, an old-fashioned donation is likely the better choice, as they’ll get a bigger financial gain.

Twitch Bits payment methods

The main payment methods for purchasing Twitch Bits are Amazon and PayPal, but depending on your region you may have other payment methods available as well.

Are there any other benefits to Cheering on Twitch?

Fortunately for Twitch viewers, there are indeed more benefits to Cheering other than supporting their favourite streamers. These benefits can be seen in the form of the aforementioned badges displayed in Twitch chat, Leaderboards showing viewers that have Cheered with the most Bits, as well as unlocking loot during special events. One such case was Overwatch’s League Season 1 back in 2018, during which viewers could Cheer and use their Bits in order to unlock special rewards for a limited time. Cheering a channel also allows you to participate in the Sub Only chat for said channel – just like a donation would.

So, how do I Cheer my favourite content creator’s channel using Twitch Bits?

If you’ve decided to support your favourite streamer and gain other benefits along the way after reading the above, we’ve got you covered. In order to Cheer, you’ll want to type “cheer” into the chat text field, followed by the number of Bits you want to use. Remember, content creators can set a threshold for the amount of Bits you can cheer with, so you’ll need to type in at least the minimum amount they have set. Using a larger amount of Bits will support the creator more and activate more fancy animated emoticons than a lesser amount would. Of course, it also costs more – so the choice is on you. Upon Cheering, you’ll earn Bit badges, and the more you cheer, the more Bit badges you’ll earn. If the streamer whose channel you Cheered has the option enabled, you can also earn a ‘Top Cheerer’ badge.


Upon Cheering your channel of choice, you’ll be able to pick whether your message will include animated Bit gem emotes, or the so-called Cheermotes, which represent an animated version of a number of popular global emotes. In the case of Partner channels, you can even use custom emotes in your Cheer message – so feel free to go wild with the choice you have.

Can I earn Twitch Bits?

The answer to this question is yes! Simply watching a channel will earn you a number of Twitch Bits, albeit the rate at which you can earn them is rather slow. There’s a system in place to promote active viewers – so you’ll earn more Bits if you’re actually watching the channel and not just leaving it on while going AFK. You can also participate in the aforementioned votes the streamers set up and earn Bits if you manage to vote correctly (of course, this would require the content creator to set something like this up).

And with that, we’ve covered just about everything you need to know about Twitch Bits – so go on out there and Cheer your favourite streamers on!

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