Budgeting Apps for Regular Casino Players


As entertaining as gambling can be, it comes with its challenges. A key one among them is budgeting. It is essential to ensure that you stick to your budget and not get carried away.

Otherwise, there can be serious financial consequences. You want to ensure that you have enough money for all your expenses and can keep a check on your entertainment spending.

In recognition of this, much support is available today. For one, regulation is getting stricter to ensure that addictive gamblers can have checks and balances in place.

There are plenty of well-meaning websites that provide information on how you can manage your casino games. Including those like casinos.com that help you formulate strategies for maximising your wins and minimising losses.

And last, but certainly not least there are plenty of budgeting apps available that can help you plan your finances. Here are some of them.

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The highlight of this app is that it lets you budget on a daily basis. Not weekly, not monthly, but every day. This is great if you want to avoid spending impulsively on binge shopping or your favourite slot games.

It is user-friendly and is available conveniently on both Google Play and Apple stores. You can add your incomes and your expenses to it soon after you download it and start budgeting right away.

This gives you the opportunity of seeing your daily financial status. This in turn allows for assessing how much money you can spend on casino games.


This is one of the most popular personal finance tools available out there. Besides its app versions, it is also available online.

Besides helping you track your finances; it also alerts you when you are close to reaching your monthly spending limit. This then means that you can allocate your gambling expenses accordingly.

It also has the advantage of a vast network of affiliations with banks and financial institutions. As a result, it can pull your financial data in without you having to input it all by yourself.


Budgeting Apps for Regular Casino Players

A useful feature to Emma is that it identifies subscriptions as wasteful or not. This helps in assessing where we can save money, which is otherwise being used unproductively. In fact, it can also help track any subscriptions you might have inadvertently signed up for.

Besides this, it has all the options in place to manage your budget effectively. You can see all your accounts in one place. This helps in identifying all the inflow and outgoes from your accounts. It might even highlight small incomings that can fund your casino games.

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

If you are an avid casino gamer, this one is definitely for you. It is among the few apps that target individuals who love their games.

It is a smartphone only app, which lets you allocate money only for gambling. But once it is set aside, you cannot exceed it.

The underlying principle of the app is that it puts every penny you have to good use. So if you exceed your budget in one area, you definitely have a shortfall in another.

It also offers knowledge enhancing tools, like free online classes, to help you budget better. The app also gives a nice signup bonus when you download and signup for it.


With casino gaming becoming popular with the younger generations, this one is good to get started with budgeting early. It is creative and simple and targeted for the young ones.

It offers support with its chatbot assistant. If you have any questions, is can quickly answer them with charts and graphs.

It also offers financial advice in a fun way. It has GIFs and memes that make budgeting easy to understand.


If you are one half of a couple that enjoys their casino games together, try this app. It allows people to sync and share their budgets, giving a better understanding of how much money they can spend.

It was earlier called Easy Envelope Budget Aid, based on its envelope method for budgeting. The method slots budgets into different categories. Then you plan the spending instead of just budgeting it.

Money Dashboard

Named the Best Personal Finance App in 2017 and 2018, it is arguably one of the most popular ones around. It helps you bundle your transactions into categories like ‘groceries’ or ‘entertainment’. It even allows you to include a ‘gambling’ segment.

Budget yourself today

So if you are a gambler who has been fretting about setting a budget. Fret no more.

There are enough and more budgeting apps out there to cater to your needs. There are even some like YNAB that are specifically for casino lovers out there.

But even others like Budgt, Money Dashboard and Emma have unique and helpful features. These not just allow you to manage your gambling expenses and wins, but they help you get your finances sorted in total.

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