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Where to buy Xiaomi Mi Box Mini outside Asia?

Earlier today Xiaomi announced the Mi Box Mini, a tiny set top box running Android 4.4.2 KitKat offering great specs for a merely $30 USD. The clou? Mi Box Mini is so small, it’s about the size of a phone charger, directly connecting to your power plug. So what does it offer and where to get it outside Asia?

Xiaomi Mi Box Mini specs

Given the size of be set-top box – about 1/3 of a regular credit card – the specs are quite impressive. Xiaomi’s box comes with the following:

In contrast to other Android boxes, it comes with Android 4.4.2 KitKat instead of Android TV. You just need to plug-it to a power-plug, connect it to your TV using HDMI and you’re ready to go. It even comes with a bluetooth remote, making it easier to control it than the Chromecast. The box will be release in China on January 20 and comes for RMB 199 – roughly $30.00 USD.

Where to buy Xiaomi Mi Box Mini outside of Asia

As with all Xiaomi products, you can officially only buy them in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Phillipines or India. So if you’re in Europe or the US, buying the Mi Box Mini can be tricky. Next to the limited availability, you have to consider a higher price, additional shipping costs and potentially custom fees / taxes. However, you can buy the Mi Box Mini and other Xiaomi products on theses sites:

While additional information are fairly limited at the moment, I’m curious how the Mi Box Mini will perform. It looks like a great alternative to the Fire TV for Kodi or Google’s Chromecast. We’ve reached out to Xiaomi for a test product and hope to offer you a proper review soon.

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