Can CenturyLink Solve iPhone 13 Wi-Fi Problems?

Apple is all the rage and rightfully so since it is one of the most innovative and high-quality phone makers in the world. Everyone knows Apple’s revolutionary figurehead Steve Jobs, and Apple today continues to carry forward his innovative spirit and desire for superior tech. This is why there are long lines every time a new Apple iPhone is launched. The recent iPhone 13, not to anyone’s surprise, exceeds its predecessors. It has improved Wi-Fi capabilities as it employs the Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax band. This band is meant to enable higher internet speeds via less crowded bandwidth and improve overall efficiency.

However, if you are a little unlucky you might find your new iPhone has a few performance and bug issues. One such very problematic issue is your phone’s inability to connect to the Wi-Fi or perhaps it will connect to the Wi-Fi but not allow you to actually functionally use the internet. Imagine that! A smartphone without an internet connection in this day and age? It practically renders your iPhone useless, taking it back to what might feel like the dark ages.

So what can you do to fix your Wi-Fi issues? There are multiple possibilities why you might be experiencing Wi-Fi issues. Hence we have compiled in turn a list of multiple solutions just for you. So don’t waste time browsing on the internet and just look below:

Restart Your iPhone

Perhaps the oldest trick in the tech world is to “turn it on and off.” This trick applies to your iPhone too. You might have too many apps open or there could be some glitches in your iPhone’s software which may result in a few connectivity problems such as poor or no Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. You may even face issues during phone calls. When such issues persist you can restart your iPhone as it clears the RAM and helps your phone function properly once it is turned back on.

Forget Wi-Fi Network

Is it not just incredibly convenient when your iPhone automatically remembers and connects to a Wi-Fi you have previously used. For example when your phone automatically connects to your friend’s house’s Wi-Fi or the multiple Wi-Fi devices in your own home. It can be quite tedious to continuously have to re-enter the Wi-Fi password which is why your iPhone does the work for you by remembering a Wi-Fi network’s details. However sometimes there can be errors in remembering the Wi-Fi which results in problems connecting to the internet.

To solve this issue you can simply go into Settings and select the Wi-Fi network you are having trouble with and then select Forget this Network. Once this network has been forgotten you can re-enter the Wi-Fi network’s password and it should work just fine.

Updates are Your Friends

We can often be lazy when it comes to updating our iOS software either because we think the process takes too long or because we simply do not have the time or patience to connect our phone to iTunes and sync everything. However, you should be aware that many iOS updates are actually very useful as they can improve your security as well as fix some basic bugs or issues you might be facing. And yes, that does include Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Simply update your software by heading into Settings>General>Software Update.

Get Rid of Profiles Not Needed

iPhone 13 has a feature that previous iPhones did not. You can create multiple profiles to improve your device usage. Unfortunately, the downside to this is that these profiles are mostly made by third-party developers which means they do not necessarily achieve the same high quality that iOS makers maintain. Consequently, the additional profiles can result in bugs and performance-based issues.

Try Airplane Mode

When you turn on airplane mode your device automatically disconnects from all Wi-Fi networks and cellular data. After waiting for less than a minute you can turn off airplane mode and see if your phone connects to the internet. While this measure might seem simple it can help sort out your Wi-Fi issues. Think of it was the Wi-Fi specific equivalent of rebooting your phone.

Restart Your Router

We have said it before and we will say it again: if something tech-related stops working your best bet is to switch it on and off. When you turn off your router for a minimum of 10 seconds, its memory space is cleared up and any issues that were causing trouble in terms of your Wi-Fi connectivity will get resolved. In fact you should reboot not only your router, but your modem as well. Doing so will improve the security and performance of your internet.

Router Firmware

You should periodically check if there are any updates to be made to your router’s firmware. Why? Well, updates to your router’s firmware can help prevent bugs and security issues that could be the cause of your internet problems when it comes to your iPhone.


If none of these solutions help resolve your Wi-Fi then you might want to consider changing your internet service provider altogether so that you can get the most out of your iPhone. Not sure where to begin looking? Too many different internet service providers out there? If you are looking for awesome deals and reliable internet then we recommend you make the switch to CenturyLink to help solve all your internet connectivity issues. Why are we such big fans of CenturyLink?

There’s multiple reasons ranging from great customer service to amazing CenturyLink internet plans. Don’t believe us? We will list down all the reasons you should consider opting for CenturyLink:

24/7 Customer Support

You can utilize 24/7 CenturyLink customer service on the phone which means no matter when you have internet issues you can look up the appropriate CenturyLink phone number at BuyTVInternetPhone or use the Live Chat option to help resolve your issue. What do we mean when we say the “appropriate” phone number? Well, in order to best help resolve your issues CenturyLink has different lines you can use to reach out for support:

CenturyLink Tech Support

If you have any tech issues then this is the team you should reach out to. Problems with self-installation or problems with devices can be resolved using this channel.

CenturyLink Account Services

Sometimes understanding your very own bill can be difficult especially when it comes to reading the fine print. So if you have any issues with the bill or even with your CenturyLink account then you should reach out to the CenturyLink Account services team.

CenturyLink Spanish Customer Support

CenturyLink understands that not everyone speaks English fluently which is why they even have a dedicated customer support team that can speak to you in Spanish. After all better communication makes for better service.

*Please note that some of the customer support teams may be available on limited days and during certain timings. However, most of these teams also have a Live Chat option available 24/7 to help you out.

No Data Limits

It can be incredibly frustrating when your kids watch movies in Ultra 4K HD and use up all your data which leaves you with incredibly slow internet for that important video meeting you need to attend or that cool painting workshop you have been looking forward to since the beginning of the month. Data caps are a real pain and CenturyLink understands that which is why they offer great internet with NO data caps. That’s right. You can stream, research, and attend online classes and meetings without worrying about your data limits.

No Contracts

If you have ever been stuck in a contract with a terrible internet service provider then CenturyLink’s no contract policy is probably music to your ears. Many internet service providers bind you to them via a contract which means if you want to terminate your contract early you will need to pay a hefty penalty fee. CenturyLink does not believe in “trapping” its clients which is why you can terminate your CenturyLink plan anytime if you are not satisfied. Chances are though you will not even need to! Also the no-contract policy is a testament to CenturyLink’s confidence in its own services so you should be sure to consider this ISP.

A Smooth Installation

CenturyLink wants to make sure you come across no major hindrances or problems when it comes to installing CenturyLink internet which is why you can either choose to save some cash and opt for self-installation. In the case of self-installation, CenturyLink will provide you with step-by-step instructions to set up your internet. If you are unsure of your ability to set up the internet devices then you can always opt for a professional to come in and install everything efficiently and smoothly for a fee of $125.

*Please note that CenturyLink does not offer the self-installation kit if you opt for their fiber internet connection.

CenturyLink High Speed Internet

As more and more tasks, work and entertainment shift to the online digital sphere the need for faster internet is becoming more a basic necessity than a luxury. In challenging times companies and schools may even revert to work-from-home or online classes and, in fact, some institutions and workplaces are considering new hybrid work models.

To top it off we live in an increasingly globalized world and the need to be connected to clients and people from all over the world via the internet is crucial to surviving. CenturyLink understands all these needs and wants to offer the best services to you which is why they can provide you with full Wi-Fi coverage in your house. You should be able to stream, game, attend video calls and more anywhere in the house.

Great Internet CenturyLink Deals

Package Price* Speed Data Limit Most Suitable For:
CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet $50 Up to 100 Mbps No data limit This package is most suitable for meeting the needs of an average household. With this plan, you can online shop, make online payments, stream, work from home and use multiple devices without any issues.
CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit $65 Symmetrical download/upload speed up to 940 Mbps No data limit If you have a serious need for speed and are looking for the fastest deal around then this package was designed for you. With this deal, multiple devices can simultaneously be used for online gaming with no lag, streaming HD content and allow for smooth online classes and work meetings. You can also upload and back up videos and photos in the cloud extremely quickly.

*Please note that paperless billing or prepaid payments are required in these deals. In addition to this the extra costs as a result of taxes, fees and surcharges will be applied.

CenturyLink Home Phone

CenturyLink offers great home phone deals that you can add to your internet plan for an additional $40. Why should you sign up for a CenturyLink home phone or CenturyLink bundles? There are multiple reasons to get a home phone so let’s get started:

Caller ID

Sometimes we might be really busy and this means we do not have time to pick up every call unless it is important or perhaps we are not in the mood to pick up a phone call. The Caller ID makes things simpler as now you can check who is calling before picking up the phone. If it is your mom you know it might be something important, but if it is your acquaintance you might want to give that call a miss altogether if you are tired.

Voice Mail

With this handy feature you can now create your own customized voice mail greeting or you can stick to an automated greeting. Either way with this feature you can make sure you never miss a call again.

Block Unwanted Callers

With all those scam calls about your social security number and about your car insurance the ability to block unwanted callers is extremely useful as it ensures you do not keep picking up calls from the same scam number.

Call Waiting

We have all been there. You are busy on one call and another call comes in. You might be talking to your best friend and end up missing the call from USPS about needing to collect your package. Now you need to head all the way to the pickup point to get your sensitive package. You think to yourself if only you attended the USPS call you would not have to do all this extra work.

It’s situations like these where CenturyLink phone call waiting option can be handy as it means you can get notified and attend a call without dropping another call.

Call Tracing

This is an excellent safety feature that CenturyLink provides. If you are ever the victim receiving any forms of threats via phone call you can use the call tracing feature to trace a phone call and then proceed to submit this information to the police.

All in All

If you want to make the most of your iPhone 13 then you’re going to make sure you have a got a good Wi-Fi connection. For that reason if some easy simple fixes do not work you may need to switch to another better internet service provider, such as CenturyLink, altogether.

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