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Different Ways to Change Signature in Outlook in 2021


Whenever you write an email over Gmail, Outlook, etc, possessing a decent signature can help you come out as considerably more official. Aside from saving you time, it’s a terrific method to give receivers all of your contact details in one go.

It is necessary to only create your signatures once if your want it to appear regularly at the conclusion of your mails. Then add this to Outlook’s sign area so that it appears regularly at the bottom of any letter you write.

Removing or Adding Your Signature to Emails

Your usual signature will be shown at the top of every new email you send.

To change the sign used for a mail, go to the Messages menu, then to the Includes area of the ribbons, then to the Sign dropdown.

The email’s signature, located at the very bottom, will be immediately updated. The signature may be changed at any time whereas the email is being edited.

How to Make Changes to Your Outlook Sign

If you’ve previously set up Outlook signature, modifying them is quite similar to setting them up from scratch.

It is possible to achieve it in one of two methods.

In Outlook, how can you switch one signature for another?

Adding a personalised signature to a fresh email response is as easy as selecting one of two choices.

Changing your name for a certain occasion is also a possibility.

It substitutes any existing electronic signature whenever you pick a sign first from menu bar.

Personalize your email signature by using a logo or a picture.

Use the methods below if you want to include a corporate logo or a picture in your signature.

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Manually add a signature

You may manually add a signature even if we don’t want it to be part of all text alerts or responses and forward.

Outlook for Phone: Well how Modify Your Signature

The Outlook Smartphone app’s designer is identical to the pc applications in terms of building or modifying email signatures, but it has much less versatility.

In Outlook for mobile, follow these steps to add or modify your e – mail.

Outlook for Mobile and Outlook for iPhone may both be configured using the steps shown below. You may add or change an electronic signature using the app on both iOS and Android.

Make a new signature in Outlook and use it in all incoming and outgoing emails.

Return to the previous mail and click the Include > Signatures button in the Message tab. Choose one default sign by checking the one you wish to use. All new communications will be affected by this. In Replies/Forwards, you may use the identical sign or a new one.


Adding signatures to emails isn’t always easy with all email services. Outlook’s signatures are easy to generate and use on desktop and mobile.

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