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 Apple Pay may finally work on Chrome, edge and Firefox in ios16

Apple Pay may finally work on Chrome, edge and Firefox in ios16

Chrome, edge and Firefox in ios16 San Francisco: Until now, Apple hasn’t been able to use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox with its iOS 16 software. On the microblogging platform Twitter, MacRumors contributor Steve Moser discovered that Apple Pay works in iOS 16 beta 4, which was then reported by The Verge. A “Continue with Apple Pay” option appears in Moser’s screenshots when using Edge on Apple’s checkout page. Only Safari on iOS 15 and older supports Apple Pay, so you can’t use it to make online purchases if you want to use Apple Pay.

Chrome, edge and Firefox in ios16

iOS 16 beta 2 includes an option to pay with Apple Pay while using Firefox, according to a Reddit post from earlier this month. Another iOS 16 beta 3 user reported being able to use Apple Pay to make a purchase while using Firefox. It’s not clear when or in which browsers Apple started supporting Apple Pay.

Chrome edge and Firefox in ios 16

An email to Apple’s press office went unanswered

Apple’s latest iOS 16 beta 4 suggests that Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox compatibility for Apple Pay may finally be coming to the stable version of the OS in the near future. It was discovered by Steve Moser, a MacRumors contributor, that Apple Pay works with Edge and Chrome in the iOS 16 beta 4.


Apple’s checkout page had a “Continue with Apple Pay” option when using Edge, according to the screenshot. In order to use Apple Pay while shopping online, you must use Safari on iOS 15 and older devices, which prevents you from using any other browser.


He posted the screenshots online and wrote, “Apple Pay works in Edge, Chrome, and, I assume, any third-party browser on the most recent iOS 16 beta. Apple Pay is not available in other apps on iOS 15 because it has been restricted to Safari.”


A subsequent tweet stated that “This doesn’t work in Edge or Chrome on that latest macOS beta because I assume it requires the third-party render engines to be updated, while Edge and Chrome on iOS use Safari’s render engine.”

Chrome edge and Firefox in ios 16


Moser does not mention Firefox, but according to a report from The Verge, other users noticed Apple Pay compatibility with the browser before iOS 16 beta 4 was released. iOS 16 beta 2 includes an option to pay with Apple Pay while using Firefox. According to a Reddit post from earlier this month. Apple Pay is also available on Firefox for iOS 16 beta 3, according to another user. Apple hasn’t made it clear when and in which browsers it started supporting Apple Pay.

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Q1: What browsers does Apple Pay work on?

Print. ApplePay can only be used in Safari on a Mac or iOS device. I’ve never been able to use it with Google Chrome. For Apple Pay, PayTabs does not have access to the card’s issuer or country of issuance, so PayTabs is unable to display these details.

Chrome edge and Firefox in ios 16Q2: Can you do Apple Pay on Chrome?

Chrome Desktop, Chrome Android, MacOS Safari, iOS Safari, and Microsoft Edge for Windows are currently supported browsers. The browser or device must also have a saved payment method. A card can be saved to your Chrome bookmarks or added to your Safari Wallet, for example.

Q3: Can I use Apple Pay in Firefox?

If you have an iPhone or iPad with Touch ID or Face ID, you can use Apple Pay from the Safari web browser (sorry, Chrome and Firefox users) to buy from online vendors with a simple tap.

Q4: Why can’t I use Apple Pay online?

Click Safari > Preferences > Privacy in the Safari menu bar. Check to see if websites can see if you’ve enabled Apple Pay by selecting the appropriate checkbox. The option is checked on both my Mac and my iPhone, which I can attest to.

Q5: Does Google pay for work on Firefox?

UCWeb UC Browser or one of the following web browsers are recommended for use with the UCWeb UC Browser. Add a payment option to your Google Account. Our Google Pay API Acceptable Use Policy must be followed.

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