More Chromecast Apps! Google Play Services 4.2 SDK Is Now Available

Shortly after releasing the Chromecast SDK, Google finally releases Google Play Services 4.2 SDK. What’s special about this release is the fact that with 4.2 comes the new CastAPI.

What does it all mean? Well, this means that we will see A LOT of new Chromecast apps in the Google Play very soon. The new Software Development Kit gives developers new awesome abilities to interact with Chromecast.

Today Google has posted this on the Android Developers Google+ page:

Google Play services 4.2 SDK now available

Google Play services 4.2 is now rolled out to devices worldwide. The new release includes Google Cast APIs that let you bring content to the TV, updated Google Drive APIs, and more.

You can get started developing today by downloading the updated Google Play services SDK (r15) from the SDK Manager.  API details and samples are also available in the updated documentation.

Check out the links below for complete information.

Google Cast SDK:
Drive API:
Google Play services:
API reference:

Let’s see what amazing apps developers will be able to come up with. What Chromecast apps would you love to see in the future?

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