Classic Animated Series to Rewatch


Cartoons are immersive to watch, and some are worth watching time and again. Once, it was assumed to be kid-oriented entertainment, but animated series has evolved over time, and it attracts both kids and adults with the same intensity. As every adult man and woman has an inner child, innocence is spilled out while watching animated shows. The kid captivated inside the adult body peeps out while the person watches the anime shows. TV has become an integral part of modern culture, starting from after-school shows to naughty adult entertainment series.

If you look back at your favorite animated series, the miscellany of the shows will astound you. It starts from retro stories of the cat chasing the mischievous mouse to Legend of Dark Knight securing the streets of Gotham to the war of Paradis in Attack on Titan. The list of anime shows to watch over and over may vary according to the perception and taste of viewers, but they are enthralling to the core.

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Attack on Titan

Ages ago, humans were on the verge of extinction as monstrous creatures called titans conquered this blue planet. To save lives, humans were hiding behind fortress; cannibalism was the staple diet of titans, not out of hunger but of sadistic pleasure. To stay alive in the ruthless ecosystem, humans stayed behind the castle for hundred years to avoid confrontation with the Titans. But the dream of well-being was broken when a colossal titan broke the stronghold. The carnival of cannibalism was about to start. A platoon of elite warriors headed by Eren Yeager starts the uneven but brave fight against the merciless creatures. This saga of survival is worth watching many times on animixplay, a website where you can watch thousands of popular anime and cartoon movies at no cost.


Youji Itami is a personnel from Off-Duty Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF) traveling to join a convention in Ginza, Tokyo. But while on the journey, a huge gate appears out of thin air; from there, large numbers of medieval warriors with supernatural powers enter the city and ruin everything and everybody that fall on their path. The savage anarchy continued for three months, and Youji Itami, with his teammates, saved as many lives of civilians as they could. Youji was assigned a special mission with other JSDF soldiers to venture into an area beyond the gate now called Special Region. To accomplish the mission impossible is critical. If they fail, the bloodbath will continue.


It is an organization that deals with paranormal activities and calls for help to encounter a vampire that was turning the village of Cheddar into a graveyard. To end the suffering of the villagers, the head of the organization Sir Wingates Hellsing sends one of the most commanding vampires named Alucard. She defeats the monsters single-handedly with a mere handgun. A youthful police officer Seras Victoria gets caught in the crossfire and gets lethally wounded. Alucard sympathizes with the young officer and renders her a choice to die as a human being or live as a vampire. She was selected to live as a member of the Hellsing but ramose for the loss of human identity.

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