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How To Clean Google Search History & Browsing History

google search history

Google is great for things like winning arguments in the bar, but the problem is, the more you ask it, the more it remembers. Therefore you have to clear it on a regular basis to stop Google from knowing too much about you and serving up “relevant ads”. Add in the “nosey roommate” as well, and purging Google on a weekly or monthly basis becomes even more essential.

Here are a variety of ways to remove your Google search history on various platforms.

How To Clean Google Search History On a Computer

Delete Individual Items From Google’s Web Activity Page

On Google’s Web History Page you will also find a list of day-by-day entries. Click on the “Older” button at the end of the list to check past searches. Google knows a lot about us and you can see how it tracks your history on “My Activity” page.

You can also read our article to know more about Google’s infamous tracking methods.

Delete Your Entire Search History From Google’s Web Activity Page

You can also delete your entire history from Google. Here is how to do it quickly and easily.

Clear Chrome Synced Data

Do You Not Want Google To Track Your Search History?

To stop Google from tracking your search history, you can “turn off” your search history. Here is how you can do it:

How To Remove Your Google History On Android & iOS

Deleting your Google history on Android and iOS smartphones is also pretty easy.

Remove The Entire iOS Search History In Safari

To Remove Selective iOS History Data On Safari

How To Remove Your iOS Search History On Chrome

How To Remove Your Search History On Android

To Remove Selective iOS History Data On Safari

How To Remove Search & URL Predictions In Chrome

Remove Predictions On Mac & PC

Remove URL Predictions On Android

Remove URL Predictions On iPhone & iPad

Deleting Search History From Search, Maps, Google Now & Others

Removing Browsing History From Firefox, Internet Explorer & Opera

Let’s now discuss the various other browsers.

Delete Firefox Browser History

Delete Internet Explorer Browser History

Delete Opera Browser History

If you are in the habit of frequently deleting your browser history, you may want to instead switch to Incognito Mode on your browser (Private Mode in Safari). This mode is otherwise known as “secretly looking for a gift for your spouse” mode, but it has its other uses too.


We have tried to list almost every method that will help you in getting rid of your browsing history. It is advisable to delete your web history on a regular basis, so you don’t have to worry when someone else uses your personal device.

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