In June 2019, LG presented us with its latest model, LG V10. Ever since the phone has shown its quality and earned a reputation as one of LG’s finest. However, users did report some common issues. Of course, nothing is perfect, so you shouldn’t let these minor issues stop you from using this tremendous phone.

Trust me. There are many more perks to having this phone than flaws. The phone is beautifully designed, has impressive display, high-end specifications, and comes with a fantastic camera.

Yet, I’ve made a list of the most common issues of LG V10 and how to solve them quickly without spending additional money for phone repair service.

Most common LG V10 issues

Screen flickering

Reportedly, LG V10 is having issues with the screen. According to users, the screen will dim as if the phone will shut down, just to come back to life seconds later. There are a couple of odd solutions to resolve the issue that has helped many before you.

First of all, check if you have the PayPal app installed. I am not quite sure why this phone doesn’t get along with this particular app, but according to users that deleted the PayPal app, the screen went back to normal. Hopefully, some future LG updates will fix this issue, but for now, try to function without the app.

If it’s not PayPal, it can easily happen that some other third-party app is causing your screen flickering. Enter Safe Mode and check if everything is alright. Suppose the problem does not occur while in Safe mode. You should check which of your apps is faulty and erase it.

Entering Safe Mode 

You’re entering the safe mode by turning your phone off and restarting it. When the LG logo appears, press and hold the Volume Down button until you see the Home screen. Once your phone is on, press and hold the Power button. Once you see “Power off,” press on it and hold until you see a pop-up that says OK, this will boot your phone into Safe Mode.

The phone is stuck in a boot loop

Based on LG V10 reviews, this is the most common issue you will experience. The internet is literally exploding from users reporting that their phone is stuck in a boot loop and they cannot do much. Boot loop refers to a situation when your phone suddenly shuts down, then turns on until you see the LG logo, and shuts down again. And, of course, all that is in a constant loop.

You can try to leave your phone for a while; sometimes, you will see your device on after 10-20 minutes.

If that doesn’t work, turn your phone off completely. Then hold the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously. When the LG logo appears, release the Power button and press it again. When you see Factory Data Reset, navigate through the menu using the Volume buttons until you see Erase All User Data and Restore Default Settings. Use the Power button to select this option.

This will erase everything you have installed and, hopefully, delete the faulty app or whatever was causing your phone to get stuck in a boot loop.

Low battery life

As’s the case with many phones nowadays, LG V10 has complaints related to poor battery life. The device itself has a 3,000 mAh battery and a 5.7” screen in a high resolution. Since the screen is too big for such a low battery voltage, not surprised to hear about the battery life issues. However, I have some suggestions.

Of course, you could always buy a new battery since this phone has a detachable one. That way, once your old one is too weak, you can switch and have a new one.

Besides, you can lower brightness since it’s known that high resolution in bright light is the most common battery consumer.

There’s also an option to switch to Battery Saving mode from Settings > Location.

Go to Settings and find the tab Apps in General. Switch all the apps you’re not frequently using to prevent them from working in the background. This could help you preserve your battery life a little longer.

If your device is overheating or similar, try checking out the issue in Settings > Device > Battery. You might discover an app or something causing the overheating and consuming more of your RAM and battery than it should. If you find out the issue, it’ll be easy to remove the app.

Also, you can delete your cache memory. In some cases, having a full cache can slow down your device as well as cause battery drainage. Go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data and delete it. This should fix your problem.

Fingerprint sensor not functioning

Another issue users are highly complaining about is a fingerprint sensor that has a lot of lags. Of course, unlocking your device using a fingerprint should be easy and smooth. However, you may notice that it’s not working correctly. If you see any sort of message regarding unrecognizable fingerprints, or similar, you can try this.

Try removing your phone’s case and check if that’s what was blocking your fingerprint.

Go to Settings > Fingerprints and Security > Add fingerprint and record it from all angles. This will increase the chances for your print to be recognized.

If that doesn’t work, try deleting the fingerprint and inputting the pattern again.

Reportedly, the issue can be fixed by updating the software to the latest version. So, it can’t hurt to try.

Now you have some of the most common issues and a couple of solutions. I will give you a couple of websites you can visit for potential solutions as well.

In the comment section below write about issues have you experienced with your LG V10 and how did you solve them

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