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 Cookies vs Cache

Cookies vs Cache

Both cookies and caches are temporary storage on the client’s end. Web pages perform better and offer a better user experience with cookie and cache. They both store data on the client’s machine, but their purpose is different. In this article, we will see the difference between Cookies and Cache with the brief details about both of them.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that contain information such as time, date of visit, IP address, browser, preferences, and passwords for websites. Once the user loads a website, the browser immediately sends a cookie to the server in order to inform the website of previous activity. Cookies have a specified lifespan, and after that time period has ended, they expire.

Basically, these files save or track information that simplifies our shopping cart, user preferences, which buttons we clicked, what banners we clicked on, time of visits, and other information about our online experience.

By using cookies, sites provide us with relevant content locally, remember our priority sites, and keep us logged in.

Types of Cookies

  • First-party cookies

This type of cookie is created by the sites we visit, and these sites are displayed in the address bar.

  • A Third-party cookie

This type of cookie is created by another site. These sites have some material like images, advertisements which we can see on the webpage we visit.

What is Cache?

An HTTP cache or web cache is an information technology for the caching (temporary storage) of web documents like perceived lag, server load, reduced bandwidth usage, HTML images, and pages. A cache is simply a collection of downloaded data to help display web pages.

A cache is a tool used by our web browser to increase the loading process of the page. This process can sometimes cause problems when the website is developed or updated. The primary cause of this issue is that the cache files conflict with the ones that are coded.

Difference Between Cookies and Cache (Cookies Vs Cache)

Cookies and Cache are both mainly used to collect some data on the client-side machine so that the website can work more efficiently and perform better.

  • Cookies serve as a way of storing user choices, such as browsing sessions, so that they can know and trace user preferences. On the other hand, if we talk about the Cache, then the Cache is used to reduce the loading time of the online page during the browser and make the online page resources run for a long time.
Parameters Cache Cookies
Purpose It works to store the website content for long-term purposes. It works to store the user choices in a specific website
Storage The data of Cache stores only in browsers The data of cookies stores on both servers and browsers
Life span Cache files expire manually Cookies automatically expire.
Capacity It requires huge space to store data It requires less space to store data.
Types Proxy cache and browser cache are the two types of cache First-party cookies and third-party cookies are the two types of cookies.
Content type It consists of different contents such as image, CSS, HTML, Javascript, etc. It consists of different content like temporary tracking data and browsing sessions.
Request It doesn’t send any response to requests It sends the response with requests


Suppose we visit a shopping website to see and buy scents. We noticed some scents from different brands and some of the same. Either we will purchase something from that website or leave the website without purchasing anything.

In the next step, we will visit another website; it could be a news website or a website serving ads. On that website, we will find the ads showing our previously seen products. At that time, it can be a different product from another website or the same product. All this is possible through cookies.

In this case, we see how cookies play their role. Cookies store our browsing history, including which website we visited and what products we saw. Advertisers can use this information to advertise similar products.

In this example, the role of Cache is to store the small part of the image of the product that we have browsed and seen on web sources.

When we go to the same product or website for the second time, the image and page will load quickly because other web resources and pictures are already stored on our computer.


In this article, we saw what Cookies and Cache are and how they work. Both works are to store content, but both store data for different types and various purposes. We hope that from this article, you will understand the difference between Cookies and Cache well.

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