Cryptrio Review: Is the Game Different From Tetris?


That’s a terrible name for a company. Google will change it to “Crypto,” which leads to… well, you get the idea. On the other hand, Cryptotrio is not at all like coins. It’s like Tetris and 3D adventure games all in one. In fact, it’s great. Like Tetris, the game has blocks of different shapes that fall from the top, and you have to put them in the right order at the bottom. But you can’t turn them.

To get rid of three of the same kind of blocks, you don’t have to clear out whole rows of them. It’s like Tetris mixed with a match-3 game. Let me explain. Each block is like a monster, and you can only kill three at a time. You get more points when you kill more people. You’ll have to fight a “boss” after you’ve killed a few groups of monsters. You can’t just beat this big circle enemy like you can other enemies. Several games need to be played close to them before they are lost.

The pictures look old and only use a few colors, but that fits the mood. The chip tunes in the song are good. Cryptrio is a pretty simple game, so there’s not much else to say about it. It’s only $5, but Sushi Shot, which is about the same size and cost, has more game choices.

If the score at the end is six points, I’ll say “Your Mileage May Vary.” I think I want more than this. Also, the lack of a “next piece” view is a shame. Now that this review is over, I don’t have anything else to say or rant about. In general, Cryptrio is a good old-school puzzle game. I wish this had more to it and a “next piece” view.

Cryptrio Review

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Cryptrio Gameplay

At first, getting into Cryptrio is pretty easy. But things get hard very fast. It gets harder to put monsters where they need to go as more types of monsters are added and blocks fall faster. Like Tetris, the game is over when all of your blocks are gone, so you’ll soon be stuck.

But you should try again. It’s so fun and easy that you’ll want to play it over and over. You’ll want to beat your best score and everyone else’s scores because it’s ranked. We already look bad, and Cryptrio hasn’t even come out yet. The best score is around 200,000, but ours is stuck at around 30,000. Phew. But we’ll try again.

You can get this great game for just $4.99. Match-3 puzzle fans and people who like games like Tetris should give it a try. We want to beat our high scores, not that. That’s the reason we’ll keep coming back. From April 12, you can get Cryptrio on PC through Steam.

A Unique Spin On the Match-Three Game

Match-3 games are fun, but the paid puzzle game Cryptrio changes things up by putting the player in a cave full of monsters. The goal is easy: just match three monsters of the same kind to get rid of them and earn points. But because the game changes how most shapes work, you need to think about where to put them ahead of time so they don’t get stuck.

Cryptrio Review

Monster-Matching Mechanics

People who play Cryptrio must go into the game’s unknown depths to beat the monsters and stay alive longer. It’s hard to figure out how to best order the monsters because they are all different. Boss monsters make things even more exciting every once in a while. People from all over the world can check out an online rating to see how good they are at the game.

Some really cool tech is used in the game. Looking at the 2D-pixel art makes me miss playing old video games from the 1990s. The old chiptune music in the game takes you back in time, both visually and audibly. That being said, there aren’t many ways to play, so after a while, it might get dull.


We’re done learning about Cryptrio, a new and tough match-3 game. This is a great puzzle game for people who like it because it has a cute retro look and different ways to play against other people. The game is played the same way over and over, even with these good points. It might get old after a while.

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