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 ‘Current’ is the best Facebook app for Mac OS X right now

‘Current’ is the best Facebook app for Mac OS X right now

Usually, people browse Facebook on their smartphone using the native Facebook app. There’s no good reason to use the mobile browser. But if you’re on your laptop, you kinda have no other choice than using your browser. So if you’re browsing the web doing your usual stuff, you constantly have to switch to your Facebook tab to check incoming messages or notifications. That’s kinda annoying, isn’t it?

The best way to use Facebook on a Mac

Scott Kyle thought the same and, thankfully, did something about it. The result was the $1.99 Mac app called ‘Current for Facebook’, which brings the whole Facebook experience to your desktop.


While the main app looks like a browser in which Facebook is opened, it offers a couple nice features make your Facebook life a little easier. For example, images, albums and videos open up in a new window so that you’re able to continue doing other things while watching a video or looking at your friends’ vacation pics. Current also shows up in your menu bar, letting you view all your notifications, friend list and chat messages. A search field allows you to quickly look for a friend you want to chat with.


The great thing about texting with Current are the individual chat windows which open up when you click on a friend or existing chat. That way, you can chat with lots of people at the same time without having your browser window open.


Current is a great app for both Facebook addicts and people that only use it to text with their friends. You don’t need to have Facebook opened in your browser anymore but you’ll still be able to receive notifications and chat with your buddies. If you have a couple bucks to spare, you should try it out!

Marc Knoll

Marc Knoll

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2 thoughts on “‘Current’ is the best Facebook app for Mac OS X right now

I’ve been using Current exclusively since it launched and it has exceeded my expectations. Awesome app!


i want FB to run as a DOCK icon, with badge notifications. I don’t like to clutter my menu bar..


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