8 Types Of Data You Can Easily Program On NFC Tags

what can you program on nfc tags

Nowadays, more and more smartphones have NFC chips installed. It is also rumoured that Apple will adapt NFC technology in next-generation iPhones. 

Even without the iPhone – NFC can already be considered a mainstream technology:

“There are 150 million NFC devices right now. By 2014 there will be 300 million.” Reed Peterson – GSMA

There are great ways you can use NFC tags with your smartphone. With a few tweaks (especially with “Tasker”) you can make your smartphone do almost anything you want.

Learn how to program NFC tags with your smartphone.

Many people might ask themselves what kind of data you can actually program on NFC tags without significant effort. With the help of some free apps from the Google Play Store you will be able to program the following data on your NFC tags:

Types Of Data You Can Store On NFC Tags

1. Website URL

Program your website’s URL onto an NFC tag and every time you scan it the URL will be opened in your browser. If your URL links to an app people will automatically be redirected to the Play Store

2. Foursquare/Facebook Venue Check-In

There are a lot of places which offer discounts if you check in with Foursquare and/or Facebook. If you would own such a venue it would be a great idea to program an NFC tag which will automatically check-in your customers at your place and share it on Facebook and/or Foursquare.

3. Address Book Contact

Business cards are so 2012! Create an NFC business card with all your contact information and every person who scans the tag will automatically save your information in the smartphone’s address book.

4. Phone Number – make a phone call

Do you want to encourage people to call you? Create an NFC tag which will initiate a call as soon as it’s scanned.

5. Plain Text

Plain and simple – just program some text on the NFC tag and it will be displayed on the screen when it’s scanned.

6. Pre-formatted Email

You can program a pre-formatted email function onto an NFC tag. You are able to define an email address (obviously), the subject and even the text.

7. Link to a Map

Great way to show driving directions to any place. Just program any address on the NFC tag and it will be opened on a map as soon as the tag is scanned. This is especially useful if you place your NFC tag on offline promo-material for your brick and mortar business, such as flyers and posters.

8. Smartphone Profiles

With smartphone profiles you can do much more. Modify settings, open apps, change brightness and so on. Check out our post about interesting ways to use NFC tags.

You think this sounds great?

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Apps You Can Use To Program NFC Tags

There are tons of apps in the Play Store which allow you to program the above data on your NFC tags. Here are the apps we have already used and were satisfied with.

  1. NFC Task Launcher – great for creating smartphone profiles
  2. NFC by Moo – works best with contact-related data, such as NFC business cards
  3. TagWriter – many options to modify NFC tags, write, protect and erase data

What kinds of data are you putting on your NFC tags? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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