How Instagram’s Latest Feature Could Kill Linktree?


Instagram has made it easier to link to sites that are not on Instagram. This could mean that “link in bio” tools like Linktree are no longer needed by Instagram users. The biggest social media site said that Instagram users can now add up to five links to their bios and a different icon for linking their Facebook accounts.

People can add links to their Instagram pages by making changes to them on their phones. A new feature lets users name each link and change the order in which they appear. If a second link is added to an Instagram bio, the first link will still be there, but it will say “and 1 other” next to it.

Before the other links on the page can be seen, the social media site will need to be clicked on the first link.

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Did Instagram Just Kill Linktree?

Instagram is one of the most famous social media apps because it has features that are ahead of the times. People love to make movies and post them on Instagram to show what they do every day. Because it has all of these features, Instagram is a great place for big brands and famous people to connect.

Did Instagram Just Kill Linktree?

Users can add links to their websites to their app accounts. With the new Instagram Bio feature, you won’t need to use a third-party service to add as many links as possible to your bio. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, recently said that Instagram users can now add up to five links to their accounts.

This is also a great addition for bloggers, bloggers, and social media pros who have dozens of websites or social media platforms in their collection. Some people might not think this is that important because they already do this with apps from other companies. Mark Zuckerberg, who is the CEO of Meta, wrote a post about the new feature on his official Instagram account.

He said, “This is probably one of the features that has been asked for the most.” With the new update, it’s easy to add links to your app bio. Users will also be able to name links and put them in a way that makes sense to them.

All someone has to do to look at the links on your page is click “and 1 more.” When people click on this, a list of links will show up, and they will have to click on one to start it. Users have used “link in bio” services like Linktree, as was said above.

Did Instagram Just Kill Linktree?

In short, the new feature might not make a lot of people happy, but it’s still a great addition. Most importantly, the site is giving it away, so why not take it? People who already use other social media sites will definitely use it more. We might see a paid proof tool, like Twitter.

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What is Linktree?

Linktree is a social media tool for sharing different links. But it really took off on Instagram. This is because Instagram only lets you share web links in your Stories and in the ‘bio’ section of your profile page, which has a limited number of characters.

Did Instagram Just Kill Linktree?

Users had to find another way to tell their friends to check out their websites or other social media outlets.

What Does Linktree Do?

It turns a bunch of links into a simple home page. Then, you put a link to this landing page in your Instagram name to get people to visit certain parts of your website. Linktree has two types of features: those that are free and those that cost money.

Free Services

You get a lot of good things with a free account. You don’t have to pay anything to add as many links to TikTok, YouTube, and Clubhouse Rooms as you want to your Linktree home page. You can also use it to ask for money from people who follow you. This is especially helpful if you want people who like your work to give you tips and money.

Did Instagram Just Kill Linktree?

There are also some styles that come with the program that let you change things without spending any money. Analytics are still available, and it’s easy to keep track of how many people look at and click on your Linktree page.

Paid Services

You can get extra benefits if you pay a small fee every month. You can also use advanced editing and paid themes to make your page look exactly how you want it to. For example, you could add a video or a moving background or get rid of the Linktree sign to draw more attention to your business.

You also have more power over the links you make. With “pro,” you can plan links and use changing styles to bring attention to important links. Keeping track of and learning about your fans is even more complicated.

Did Instagram Just Kill Linktree?

This lets you find out how well your business is doing and where your customers live. You can also see which sites bring people to your site. You can find out even more if you use your Google Analytics ID.

You’ll also need to choose this tier if you want your links to work better together. If you pay for the tool, you can add social videos, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Zapier, and the Amazon Influencer Program.


Linktree, a company that lets artists put links to different platforms in their bios on a single, easy-to-read page, announced its most recent round of funding 13 months ago. Linktree got $110 million from investors like Index Ventures and Coatue Management, which put it in a good position: it was worth $1.3 billion. Things look different after just over a year.

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Mark Zuckerberg, who is the CEO of Meta, wrote on his Instagram account that Instagram users can now add up to five links to their bios. He wrote, “This is probably one of the features that people have asked for the most.” Creators are glad that adding links to other websites to their Instagram accounts is now easier.

Up until now, they had to put all of the links on a Linktree page or one from a rival and then put a link to that page in their bio. “This is a much-needed update for anyone who has had trouble prioritizing the link they put in their Instagram bio,” says Lia Haberman, an expert in social media marketing and a professor at UCLA.

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