Discord cannot resize gif- What to do?

Have you tried sending a gif to someone but it won’t play or work? No cause for concern.

One of the most widely used VoIP applications right now is Discord. The software originally served as a communication tool for gamers, but it has since expanded into a much larger community that now caters to almost everyone.

However, popularity alone isn’t everything. The application still occasionally encounters bugs or glitches. In this essay, we’ll discuss the reasons for Discord’s inability to prevent GIF resizing as well as possible solutions.

The problem may be quickly fixed by following a few simple steps.

Why the Gif is not working?

Gifs not working or playing on Discord might be for a variety of reasons. It can be a computer malfunction, a network problem, or even a device setting that is incompatible with a Discord configuration. Make sure the gif file is less than 8 MB in size.

Whatever the situation, you should make sure to check off a few things before beginning the troubleshooting.

Make sure the file size is less than eight MB

For smooth performance and a lag-free experience, Discord limits the gif file size to less than 8MB. So, if your gif is bigger than that, it will refuse to upload. Even if it does upload, it’ll not play or show up correctly.

Check internet connection

I know. It might sound dumb. But for many users, a poor internet connection leads to the gif not uploading correctly, and the Discord server gets a corrupted gif file that it can’t play.

Make sure you’re using the right file extension

Though animated pictures usually mean gifs, they often come as WebP or other newer formats. In such scenarios, as Discord doesn’t support WebP files as of now, the file won’t play/load.

Check your subscription

If you’re trying to upload a gif as an avatar, make sure you at least have a Discord Classic subscription. The free tier doesn’t allow you to use gifs as an avatar.

Steps for fixing Discord’s Gif

Gifs in Discord may be fixed in several ways. Make sure to read every step carefully because some of them depend on the platform.

If you use iOS or iPadOS, you can disable reduced motion to fix the issue with Discord gifs not working. For users of desktop and Android devices, the problem is resolved by turning on the option to “automatically play gifs when possible.”

Reinstall Discord

As with any software, most times, a quick reinstall fixes the issue. Uninstall Discord and then head over to the official page of discord to download the Discord desktop client. For smartphones, you can install it again from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Re-Enter Discord Credentials

In some cases, your profile doesn’t sync properly with the Discord server; hence gifs don’t work or upload and cause issues. In such scenarios, a simple re-login fixes the problem.

To do that, click on the settings icon beside your username and then click the red log out button. You’d be immediately logged out. Now log in again using your credentials.

Allow Discord to play gifs automatically

Sometimes the auto-play function gets turned off automatically, especially after an update. So you’ve to enable the option again manually.

To do that, go to the hamburger menu > avatar (bottom right) > Text & Images > turn on automatically play gifs when possible.

Turn off reduce motion Option

If you’re an iOS or iPadOS user, turning off the ‘reduce motion’ system settings fixes the issue.

To do that, go to Settings > Accessibility > Motion > turn off reduce motion.

Discord abides by this setting and stops playing gifs automatically. So turning it off will fix the issue for Apple devices.

If for some reason, you don’t want to turn off reduce motion for the whole system, there’s a way to do it only for the Discord app.

Go to Discord settings > appearance > scroll to the bottom and turn off Sync with Device. Now you’ll see the option to turn off reduce motion right above this setting. Now turn the ‘reduce motion’ off, and you’re good to go.

Use third-party gif apps

Sometimes there’s a new bug with the Discord gifs, especially right after an update. In that case, instead of uploading gifs from a gallery or internal storage, use a gif app like GIFY to upload or share gifs.

It is a great temporary fix if there are running and unsolved bugs from Discord.

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Q. How do I resize a GIF in Discord?

The first step Browse your device and choose a GIF to resize. Step 1: Browse your device for a GIF to resize. Look through your device’s directories for a GIF that needs to be resized for Discord. The file should be simple to find using a File Explorer program that is already installed on your phone or PC

Q. Why do GIFs not work in my Discord server?

GIFs may stop working on Discord because they’re oversized, the reduced motion setting is turned on, or your PC/mobile device or the app is experiencing connection issues. Resizing the GIF should help, and there are tools online for this, such as Kapwing. Also, check your internet for any problems.

Q. How do I compress a GIF for Discord stickers?

  • Visit the online GIF compressor website and choose a file to upload or simply drag and drop.
  • Next, press the Compress button.
  • Download the output and rename it if needed,
  • Go to the Discord app, upload the file on chat, and hit Enter to send.

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