Discord Rolls Out Its Own AI Chatbot On the Clyde Bot!


Discord is the latest company to join the AI trend in the tech world. The company said today that it will add some new AI experiences to a few servers. Most importantly, Discord is adding OpenAI ChatGPT technology to its Clyde bot, which will let people have longer conversations with the bot. If you type @Clyde in any server channel, you can talk to Clyde.

You can also ask Clyde to start a thread where a group of your friends can hang out. The website says that Clyde can recommend playlists and use GIFs and emojis just like any other Discord user. In a blog post, Discord said, “You may have already seen Clyde respond to slash commands or send you a direct message if you did something wrong.”

“And next week, Clyde will artificially come to life inside of Discord using OpenAI technology.” If you ask him to, Clyde can send you a gif or tell you five interesting things about cats. The company is testing the product and making changes to it because they think it will be an important part of the Discord experience.

Discord-A Social Messaging and Voice Over Platform

Discord is a social platform for instant messaging and voice over IP. Users can talk to each other in private chats or in groups called “servers” using voice calls, video calls, text messages, media, and files. A server is a group of chat rooms and voice channels that are always open and can be reached through invite links. Discord can be used on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, and web browsers. As of 2021, more than 350 million people had signed up for the service, and more than 150 million people used it every month.

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Discord Introduces Its Own AI Chatbot: Clyde Bot

Discord is now using OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to turn its Clyde bot into a chatbot that can talk. Next week, Clyde will be updated so that it can answer questions and talk to users, just like OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Microsoft’s Bing chat.

"Discord introduces AI chatbot"

It’s part of a bigger plan to add AI to Discord, which also includes AI-generated summaries of conversations and the ability for Discord admins to use AI technology to keep servers in order. The Clyde chatbot will be available to Discord users for free next week during a public test in a small number of servers with Discord alpha users.

Eventually, Discord server admins will be able to add the Clyde chatbot so that users can call it into a conversation and ask it to do things like send GIFs to a channel, suggest music, and more. Clyde can talk to people because OpenAI has a big language model, just like Bing’s new Chatbot.

You call Clyde, tell him you want to use him on your server and in your group, and then you can talk to him like you would with ChatGPT. Clyde is different because it works in the chat environment of Discord, so it needs to know how group discussions work.

Clyde won’t just start talking in a group chat, but if someone else does, he can join in. Clyde works like a real Discord user and can reply with GIFs and emojis. On the other hand, only emojis can be used in ChatGPT on Bing. Clyde can look up information to help settle a fight or help with a group project.

Clyde is easy to turn off, just like everything else on Discord. Even though AI chatbots have been abused in the past, Citron from Discord started the announcements by saying that they work hard to make sure that everything can happen in a safe and trustworthy way. Clyde is a bot that people who use the chat service Discord may already know.

Next week, Clyde will get a new AI. At the moment, the Clyde bot gives information, like server error messages, and responds to requests from users and mods to time them out or ban them. But that was pretty much all Clyde could do until now.

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Clyde will now be able to answer all kinds of questions from users, just like OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot. Users only have to type @Clyde and their prompt. Clyde will be able to find information based on what a user says and help them find specific emojis or GIFs. Another AI feature that will be added to Discord next week is Conversation Summaries.

Again, it’s pretty clear from the name what it is and what it does. Since people from all over the world use Discord, there are always people in many channels, no matter what time it is. Conversation Summaries will let users catch up on what they missed on a Discover Server. The AI-powered feature will group chats into topics so that users can easily find out more about what interests them most.

Discord’s Other Experiments With Streaming Platform

Conversations will also be summed up by AI and added to Discord. The new feature is meant to group streams of messages into topics so that users can quickly catch up or join in on topics they’re interested in. Some users will see a new panel on the right side of their screen that lists the topics that have been talked about.

In Server Settings, you can turn on conversation summaries, and a small number of servers will get them next. Discord said that it is thinking of other ways to use AI on its platform, in addition to these three new AI experiences. Discord said that the code for the app Avatar Remix, which lets users change each other’s avatars by using generative image models, will be made public.

As of today, the code for Avatar Remix can be found on GitHub. The company is also thinking about a shared visual space where friends and coworkers can work together. In this space, users could try out an AI-powered text-to-image generator together.

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The company also said that it will start an AI incubator and give resources to developers who want to build AI on Discord. Discord is starting the incubator as part of its $5 million pledge to help developers and startups bring their skills to the platform. Participants will have access to cash grants, office hours with the Discord development teams, and early access to new platform features.

"Discord introduces AI chatbot"

Since Open AI’s ChatGPT came out a few months ago, it has taken over the internet and grown in popularity. AI has been talked about more in the past few months because of this. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Discord is adding an AI chatbot to its own messaging platform. Not only has Discord added new AI features, but Snapchat and Slack have also recently added things that are similar to ChatGPT.


Discord is also testing out early versions of some features that use AI and could be used in the future. People asked for a whiteboard to be added to Discord, so the company added one. Midha writes in a blog post, “We’re looking into a shared visual space for working with friends and coworkers that includes an AI-powered text-to-image generator you can iterate and experiment with together.”

But it is not clear when more people will be able to use this feature. There is also an app called “avatar remix” that lets users of Discord change each other’s avatars by using generative image models. This app is open source on GitHub, which means that users can change it and add to it in any way they want.

Discord is also trying to make its platform the home of AI developers by giving its own ecosystem fund and resources to AI incubator programs that help developers build AI apps for Discord. There are cash grants, access to the Discord development team, credits for cloud computing, and even early access to new features on the Discord platform for development.

There are already a lot of AI developers on Discord, like Midjourney, which made an AI image generator that can be accessed through its own chat server on Discord. The fact that Midjourney’s Discord server has more than 13 million members is a big reason why AI image generators have become more popular in the past year.

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