Discord your username is invalid- How to fix it?

You may have seen this message “Your username is invalid”. This problem is universal. If you have used Discord before, then you know it’s quite frequent on that platform as well.

Discord is rapidly expanding and has already established itself as one of the most popular online communities for gamers. More than 140 million people use Discord each month, up from 56 million at the end of 2019. Additionally, the corporation has 19 million servers—communities with several chats, voice, and video channels—that are active on a weekly basis. These servers are more comparable to online communities than straightforward chat rooms because of Discord’s sophisticated features, which include real-time audio and video interactions, personalized emoticons, and user-specific custom roles. Though there are so many features of the platform, this loin error is quite frustrating while using the platform.
So, here I’m providing you a step-by-step guide to troubleshoot your login error in Discord.

Q. Why am I receiving “your username is invalid” message?

Please make sure you are following these instructions if you are trying to log in and receive the message “Sorry, the following problem was encountered: Invalid login, please try again”:

Your username is typed in lowercase only, for example, “sonic1232456.”

There are no extra spaces between any two credentials (PLEASE NOTE: that copying and pasting can automatically add spaces at the beginning or end of the credential)

You might need to erase your temporary internet files if you are using the right username and password combination but are still getting the “Invalid Login” problem. This is because your browser might have saved an old or wrong password.

Q. How to fix the error?

Your Discord sync will fail if the username and password for this account are entered incorrectly. Follow the following steps provided below to troubleshoot the error regarding the invalid login in discord.

  • By connecting to your SIS with the username and password you’ve given Discord, you may verify your login information. (These login credentials may be found on your Sync Settings page.) If you are unable to log in using the credentials, this indicates that they have either changed, expired, or are otherwise invalid.
  • Update the login information in your SIS. We highly advise setting up a unique, read-only account in your SIS just for the Discord sync. In our Help Center’s Auto-Sync section, you may verify the permissions needed for this account.
  • After you’ve updated the credentials, log into your SIS using them to make sure they are operational a few hours later.
  • Return to your Sync Settings page and input the updated username and/or password needed to connect to your SIS with your new credentials in hand.
  • After entering, select “Update.” You should see an update to your Sync Status since Discord will make another attempt to sync with your SIS as planned.

If the problem is related to the web browser, then please follow the below-stated instructions.

  • In the upper right corner, click the gear symbol.
  • Select Safety.
  • Then, select Delete browsing history from the drop-down option.
  • Check the boxes to the right: Save Form data, History, Download History, Temporary Internet files, and website files, Cookies and website data, and Favorite Website Data.
  • To complete, click Delete.
  • Open a new web page after closing the current one.
  • Open your Alert Driving account and log in.

So, if you face any problem while login in related to an invalid username and password, follow the above steps to troubleshoot it. Now, you can enjoy chatting with your friends and unknowns through discord. Happy connecting!

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Q. What does it mean when it says invalid username?

When attempting to connect to my account, I see the message “Invalid User Name/Password combination.” This often indicates that your User ID or password necessary to log in is incorrect. You should double-check the accuracy of your user ID and password entries.

Q. What does it mean when it says username or password is incorrect?

The Fall Creators Update, officially known as Windows 10 V1709, introduced the problem known as “The login or password is wrong.” This issue, which appears on the log-in page after awakening the device from sleep or rebooting it, is sometimes referred to as the “sign-in twice” mistake.

Q. Why is my username not available?

It’s conceivable that a username has been permanently retired from usage if someone registered it at some point in the past but then deleted the account. The following is from Discord’s support page: There is no way to recover your account if it was deleted by you or someone else using your password.

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