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Durex Launches Condom Delivery App For iOS To Save Your Night

durex sos condoms

Hands down, the worst thing that can happen to a guy who’s about the get laid is realizing that he forgot to get condoms.

The British condom maker Durex launched a condom delivery service that helps you in the moment of sexual despair. With its iOS app “SOS Condoms” Durex promises to deliver condoms within one hour by using your location. So you either need to think a little bit in advance or prolong the foreplay. The original thing is that the “package” will be delivered in disguise by either a pizza guy, a tourist or a police officer.

Right now, the service is only available in Dubai but on people can vote for their city to be the next. Right now, Paris has taken the lead followed by Warsaw, Sofia and Montreal.

SOS Condoms seems to be a cool viral campaign for Durex which could turn out to be an original service in several cities, depending on the demand. In big cities, there should be enough men who find themselves in such a worst case scenario, so we are going to watch SOS Condom’s development and keep you in the loop.

Marc Knoll

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