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 EPUB FILE: What is it and How to open it?

EPUB FILE: What is it and How to open it?

If you have come across a file with an extension of EPUB, then you might be wondering how to open it! In this article, I will explain to you the options to open an EPUB File.

These EPUB Files can be used for those who have impaired vision as you can use different free text-to-speech apps which will read them out loud.

What is an EPUB File?


The EPUB stands for Electronic Publications and is a highly famous e-book format and is used all over the world.

Unlike the .azw files used by Amazon’s Kindle, epub has no digital rights management (DRM) restrictions that prevent it from being read on a variety of devices. This makes it the perfect file format for sharing open source books, manuals, or other non-copyrighted publications.

The Microsoft Edge browser on Windows had built-in epub support, which was discontinued, they move to the Chromium version in September 2019. please do not worry. There are still free ways to open EPUB files in Windows 10.

Way to Open EPUB File

Method 1: Calibre (PC and Mac)

Install Caliber on your PC or Mac. Caliber is a free ebook management app that allows you to open, view and manage EPUBs (and other ebook files) on your PC or Mac. You can also convert EPUB files to Amazon’s MOBI format and read books on your Kindle. You can download the caliber from

Here is how to go:

  1. First, if you want to read EPUBs from your local library via OverDrive, use Adobe Digital Editions instead.
  2. To download the app, click the operating system link, then click the download link.
  3. To install it on your Mac, double-click the downloaded file and drag the caliber icon (a series of books) into your applications folder.
  4. Install on Windows, double-click the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Open caliber. If Caliber doesn’t open automatically, click the calibre link in the Windows Start menu (Windows) or Applications folder (Mac).

Complete the caliber setup. When you open the caliber for the first time, you will have to select the location, language, and other details of the book library. When this process is complete, you are ready to use the caliber.

Click the Add Book button. This green or red (depending on version) button is in the upper left corner of the window. This will open your computer’s file browser.

Select the EPUB file and click Open. This will add the file to the caliber library.

  • You can select multiple EPUB files at once by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking each EPUB file to select.

Double-click the EPUB file to open it. This will open the book in the Caliber e-reader window. The text and image of the book will displayed in a new window.

  • You can scroll through the book using the Page Up and Page Down keys. If you want to transfer EPUB to your Kindle, continue with the Kindle e-reader method.

Method 2: Use a Browser Plugin to Open an EPUB File in Windows

If you want to install something that isn’t as full-featured as Caliber, there are some great plugins and extensions for your browser. Microsoft Edge is based on Google’s Chromium engine, so all Google Chrome extensions should be available in both Edge and Opera.

However, Firefox has its own library, so you’ll need to browse Firefox to find the right option.

One of the most popular extensions for e-books in Chrome is EPUB Reader. This free app is an easy way to open and read EPUB files without leaving your browser. To get it, go to the EPUBReasder page of the Chrome Extensions Store and click the Add to Chrome button.

EPUB Files
EPUB Files

The icon will immediately appear on the toolbar. Alternatively, you need to click on the three dots in the upper right corner of Chrome, select More Tools> Extensions, find EPUBReader, and click the toggle to enable it.

If you want to open an EPUB file, click the EPUBReader icon on the toolbar to see the folder icon.

EPUB Files in WIndows
EPUB Files in WIndows


Click this, find the epub file, then double-click it to see the contents displayed in your browser window.

How to Convert an EPUB File?

There are many ways to do it:

  • Caliber is the main program for this. It will convert to and from most other ebook formats, including those compatible with Amazon Kindle. Supported conversions include EPUB, FB2, HTML, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDF, PDB, RTF, TXT, SNB and more.
  • Zamzar is an online EPUB converter worth mentioning. You can use the website to convert your book to PDF, TXT, FB2 and other similar text formats.
  • Using an online eBook converter is one way to create an EPUB file from another document file such as AZW or PDF.

You can try the conversion by opening the book in one of the other readers and saving or exporting the opened file in another file format, but this is probably enough to use a caliber or other online file converter Not effective.

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