Feature update to windows 10,version1903-error – 0x80070005

Feature update to windows 10,version1903-error – 0x80070005?  What happens actually when Windows 10 starts downloading the Feature Update and then start installation and after that boot the system again but even  though rebooting for  some times, after the last restart, Windows 10 display a message “Undoing Windows Update changes”. That means that the feature update is fail to install and so is the error 0x80070005.

Now you will receive the same error code while you are trying to upgrade Windows 10 via the Update Assistant tool, or Media creation tool. You might get the error message “ Please turn off anti-virus software and try again.” Here is the error code 0x80070005.

Feature Update to Windows 10,version1903-error – 0x80070005

As the error 0x80070005 indicates that access denied error that shows it might have issues with registry or file permission. May be the registry key or the complete file is locked. As per the research so many users replied that they used Avast antivirus software to solve the issue.

If  we are talking about the anti virus then Avast has a self made defence program feature that prevents Avast antivirus from getting deactivated by the virus. So, the Avast connected register key and files are safe from getting manipulated. But  if you are going to upgrade 10, deactivate Avast shields, and also deactivate the Avast’s defense program through the Troubleshooting button on Avast’s dashboard.

Move to the Settings window, 

Then choose Self Defense 

 Remove checkmark on Enable Self-Defense  and select Continue

Feature update to windows 10,version1903-error – 0x80070005

Is Disabling Real-time Protection Helping?

When you disabled the anti virus softwares and still its not working ,then delete those third party softwares.Now, After a restart, Windows Defender program will look after the whole system.Just to install the current Windows 10 Feature Update  like 1903 version throughWindows Update, Update Assistant, or the media creation tool.

Now evn you can install again your third party antivirus software after updating Windows 10 nicely.

How to Solve Error 0x80070005 in Windows 10 Feature Update 1903?

Well, There are  several wise features including Windows Sandbox in version 1903, updated  search mode, and many more. 

Now ,even though the update is famous  but still people faced issues with that. And it is because of the problems that occur along with the components of the operating system and some where the user’s setup is also responsible. We will go through all the possible causes as to why the error code 0x80070005 appears while updating.

Feature update to windows 10,version1903-error – 0x80070005

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What Are the Reasons for the Error 0x80070005 When Updating to 1903 Version?

Here we are finding that  after our thorough research about the problem and the components included in the update process, we joined our results with user’s reports and came to the answer  that the problem appears  because of the below listed factors: 

  • Updating Services: 

It  is the primary procedure via which you can download and install updates on your computer device. Again if the service is not set as in  running condition,then the problem arises. 

  • Administrator Access: 

The computer  needs that you give administrative permission to the entire process but if you also donot have the permission then the problem arises.

  • Bad Update Components: 

In many cases, we have seen that some users had bad update components create problems in update task.Nothing to bother ,we can use Windows Update Troubleshooter to detect the problem for solution.

  • Old Stuff of Update Files: 

May be the old update files are creating problem with the latest version Windows while trying to download and install. Removing  these ones can  solve the issue.

Feature update to windows 10,version1903-error – 0x80070005

  • Remove Antivirus Software:

In many conditions  you can get error messages due to the presence of antivirus software and  when it is executing generate the error with the update process by giving permissions.

  • PC in Error State: 

Even in this case we avoid to consider but becomes problem in updation of v1903. Power cycling can solve the issue.We must try ,in case it happens.

  • Extra Hard Drives/Devices: 

Now multiple hard drives network connected to your computer can create error. Its not accurate or proven yet but we cannot overlook any aspect in case of error. Even though these hard drives are separate from the primary one.

  • Finding Missing executable: 

In your system if some required files are missing which is required to execute the update task, you might be getting issues. So by correcting or modifying these components mayhelp in removing  the error.

  • Stopping Third-party Programs:

See might  be due to the third-party programs the update process got an issue.So better to stop all and then check for it.

  • Manipulated Windows Installation: 

Above all reasons are not able to solve the issue then might be your Windows installation  is manipulated. So,now you can backup the data saving it to v1903 and execute a clean version.

I tried my best to provide you with a piece of detailed information about the Feature update to windows 10 version1903-error – 0x80070005. If you want to share something related with us and our 1lakh followers, feel free to share with us in the comment section. Also, if you have any queries you can ask us in the comment section below


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