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How to flash Android 5.0 Lollipop to LG G3

LG G3 Lollipop

Do you remember the days when Nexus devices got new Android versions first and devices were heavily subsidised? Seems like these days are over now. Not only are the new Nexus devices priced like regular flagships, but it looks like LG G3 users can enjoy Lollipop even before Nexus 4 oder Nexus 7 ones.

An XDA user published a flashable rom containing the Android 5.0 Lollipop for international LG G3 devices (D855). However, you’ll need to have root access and the custom recovery TWRP installed.

Flash Android 5.0 Lollipop to your LG G3 – Step by Step Guide

  1. Download the following files: SuperSU – Rooted boot img – ROM
  2. Store the files on your sdcard
  3. Reboot to recovery, make a proper NANDROID backup and perform a factory reset
  4. Flash the ROM, followed by SuperSU and kernel in TWRP
  5. Reboot & enjoy Lollipop. By the way, you’re rooted again 😉

If your device is not able to write to the internal SD, make sure to perform the following query with adb or terminal emulator:

restorecon -v -R /data/media

That’s it. Enjoy Lollipop on your LG G3 and don’t forget to thank Skin1980 for his great work on XDA.

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