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10 Best Free Grammarly Alternatives: You Must Try Error Free Writing

free Grammarly alternatives

Free Grammarly Alternatives? Grammarly is a term from Ukraine that means “grammar.” It is a US-based cloud-based cross-platform software startup. Typist’s aide, which checks spelling, punctuation, delivery, clarity, engagement, and grammar for errors. It uses artificial intelligence to identify and replace the issue it detects. Users may also alter their writing style, tone, and language depending on the situation.

It was started in 2009 by Ukrainians Max Lytvyn,  Dmytro Lider, and Alex Shevchenko. In 2018, Grammarly published a beta version of its Google Docs-friendly browser plugin. Grammarly Inc., based in San Francisco, California, produces the software and has offices in Kyiv, New York City, and Vancouver. Grammarly was supposed to be a program that universities could use to teach their students English; however, because universities could buy it for years at a time, sales were slow, so they opted to sell it directly to the end-user.

Free Grammarly Alternatives

But there are also many Free Grammarly Alternatives that you can find online. 

But Grammarly online is one of the best because you can easily check grammar mistakes and also can replace them with the better option that makes your paragraph, article or any other content look good and can easily make it impressive to impress others. 

Also Grammarly check the informal way of writing and also the excessive use of passive voice and also check the poor phrases in content. 

Steps to use Grammarly easily is given below:-

The Grammarly editor is far more powerful than Microsoft’s built-in spell-checker.

Grammarly does detect faults in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It does, however, assist you in improving your writing style and clarity in order to produce clean, persuasive compositions.

Furthermore, integrating Grammarly with Word is a breeze. Here’s how you can do it:


  1. For Microsoft Word and Outlook, there is a Grammarly app.
  2. On a Windows PC, follow these steps to install Grammarly for Word:

Free Grammarly Alternatives for Mac Computers?

Here’s how to get the Grammarly add-on if you’re using Word on a Mac:

The Grammarly tab is now available in Word, allowing you to utilize it as a grammatical checker across all of your work.

There are many Grammarly alternative open source available online that we can use. 

Grammarly is a fantastic checker, however it does have some flaws. Some users report issues such as poor loading times when using Google Docs but Grammarly support for Google Docs is still in experimental mode. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to utilize a Grammarly alternative, here are some of the free Grammarly alternative available.

  1. Pro writing aid :-

Pro-wirting aid free is an Grammarly alternative app that we can use for checking our mistakes in content.  ProWritingAid is a fantastic tool because it does so much more than repair spelling and punctuation errors. However, it may miss some mistakes (as we’ll see later), but many spelling Programes, including Grammarly, do and which is why it’s better to use two tools at once, such as your built-in Google Docs checker + Language Tool. 

2. Language tool :-

It is just an app like Grammarly  which we can use to detect the grammatical error. 

Depending on the severity of the error, the tool will highlight it in different colours. Important spelling and grammar issues will be highlighted in red, and you may correct them right away by selecting one of the alternative spelling alternatives provided. The text will be marked in orange if you make a less serious potential grammar mistake, or if the tool is just proposing a good option to utilise.

3. Ginger :-

Its also and Grammarly free alternative which is used for finding grammatical mistakes. 

The ability to rapidly receive meanings for terms you don’t understand is a helpful Ginger feature provided in the Chrome extension. To see the definition of a term, simply double-click on it.

You will save a lot of time because you will not have to manually Google such words. Keep in mind that this isn’t the same as LanguageTool’s synonym feature, which gives you synonyms rather than definitions.

4. Hemingway app :-

It is also a free alternative to Grammarly.  This programme is unique in that it aims to improve your writing style, repair writing errors, and improve readability rather than correcting spelling faults. To utilise it, go to and paste the text you’re working on into the box provided. You can also download a desktop application.

5. Slick Write:-

It is a Free Grammarly Alternative that is used for proper sentence making. SlickWrite is an online application for checking grammar and spelling, as well as getting alternative recommendations for words you use. The programme will also check your writing’s flow and structure and suggest ways to improve it.

6. Readable:-

It is a Free Grammarly Alternative that is used to make your content easily readable. Both Grammarly and the Hemingway App are good alternatives to Readable. The amazing thing about Readable is that it checks for spelling and grammar errors as well as provides a readability score.

In reality, it provides you with a variety of readability scores based on several readability assessment methods. One of the scores it provides is the Flesch Reading Ease score, which is used by a variety of organizations, including government bodies.

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FAQs :-

1. Is There Any Free Grammarly Alternatives?

Answer- yes there are many Free Grammarly Alternatives that can be used instead of Grammarly and all the alternative app are easy to use as Grammarly. 

2. Is Grammarly Totally Free? 

Answer- No, Grammarly is not totally free if you want to use all the features of Grammarly then you have to buy the premium of this app. 

3. Is Pro Writing Aid is Better Than Grammarly? 

Answer- Both the app have their speciality like grammar is better than prowirtingaid in terms of handling accuracy but at the same time pro-wirting aid is better in terms of handling fragment sentence and dialogues. 

4. Is Word Tune Better than Grammarly? 

Answer- Both the tools are easily used by user and have their specific characteristics but the grammarly is better than wordtune as it is used for multiple purpose for example grammar check and also used for plag check. 

5. Is  Hemingway Better Than Grammarly? 

Answer- Grammarly is more better than Hemingway in term of grammar, spelling check and phrase making. 

6. Is Outwrite Free? 

Answer- No it is not totally free, you can sign in just for free but to unlock every feature you have to pay for it. 

7. How Good is Word Tune? 

Answer- It is and good tool for making sentence and it also give you better word option to make your content impressive. 

8. What is Better Than Grammarly? 

Answer- White smoke and Ginger are better than grammarly if user need advance tools. 

9. Is Word Tune Read Free? 

Answer- No it is not for free. You have to buy premium. 

10. What is Word tune Editor? 

Answer- it is a tool that easily understands what you wanna write and then provide you a better way to write in different phrase. 


Grammarly is the app that is used for checking mistakes in our articles, paragraph and any other content writing. This app is easy to use but to enjoy it properly you have to buy a premium of this app there are many alternative tools that we can use to solve are the problem and so e of them are for free so we don’t need to do so end money to do a grammar check. I hope, the article finds helpful for you. If you want to share something related feel free to reach us in the comment section below. 

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