You definitely remember that moment when you take a look at your phone, and something is missing; something just doesn’t feel right. In the end, you realize it’s your phone background that is not complementary with icons, with a clock, or whatever else that is catching your eye. That’s why everyone loves to have a nice background on their phones, especially live ones, giving additional visual touch to your device. 

In this era of IPS LCD, AMOLED, and 3D screens, where everything looks insanely good, you can imagine your favorite wallpaper on that screen as well and how amazing it would look.

That’s why in this guide, we will present to you how to get high-quality live wallpapers for free! Stay tuned.

Animated or interactive backgrounds can really give a nice touch to your device. These dynamic backgrounds can vary from simple textures, weather animations, or even space or underwater wonders. Getting these is very easy, but it’s a bit different procedure for Android and iOS devices.

There are two main paths for getting these on your phone, and as usual, for Android devices, it’s the Google Play store, and for iOS, it’s App Store.

Android device live wallpapers 

4D Live Wallpapers

Whether you are looking for 3D effects, video effects, or depth&shadow effects, you can find everything in this fantastic app. Some of the effects include using even gyroscope or motion sensors to give you an insane 4D look. From luxury cars, luxury boats, business city areas, but on the other side, nature, flowers, animals, anime… whatever you need, you can find here. It works perfectly with AMOLED screens that are giving you the best overall look. 

Shadow Galaxy 

This app is great for fans of parallel universe, science, and astrology. It’s a dark star galaxy that offers choices like inferno or vortex. It gives a feeling like your phone is in the center of the universe, surrounded by stars and celestial bodies, spacecraft, and endless space. 

Muzei Live Wallpaper

For artistic people who really enjoy crazy color designs and find something deep in them, this would be a perfect choice. You can choose various options and even make those backgrounds blend in/out to focus on the painting of icons. There is an option to shuffle available or chosen paintings in a given time frame. 

Weather Live Wallpaper

If you are a pensioner and highlight that your day is watching weather forecasts, this is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if we are planning an outdoor event, we should check out a forecast, and that’s where this eye-catching app makes a good choice. Since it shows you a weather forecast for the day/week, it visualizes weather conditions that make it a good option for live wallpaper. Some kids are scared of thunderstorms when they are younger, but later they find it extraordinary and attractive to watch, and the older you get, the more you enjoy those rainy days. This app is perfect for planning those lazy days in bed while watching Netflix. 

iOS Live Wallpaper apps

Live Wallpapers 4K

This app is one of my favorite choices for iOS devices since it has a wide range of artistically designed wallpapers and themes. We are sure that you have at least one friend who is a photographer. That friend is sometimes taking pictures of abstract objects from a close-up perspective. That’s how you get these crazy-looking wallpapers where you don’t even know what the thing is, but it looks insanely good. 


Whether you are looking for breathtaking space aircraft wallpapers, night in the metropole, animals, or anime characters, this app is the perfect choice for everyone. Whatever crosses your mind, just use the search bar given to you and watch where the magic happens. These live wallpapers will make your friends’ jaws dropping when they see your phone. 

Live Wallpapers Plus HD 4K

Missing this app is not the brightest idea if you plan to have a gallery of amazing background wallpapers that you can change daily or even hourly. A soft touch of the most refined adjustments in photography can change the whole look of it. And that’s what these artists did for this app. 


We are sure that you already heard about Zedge and its fantastic library of wallpapers, but you shouldn’t forget it as a choice. The app is entirely free, with most of its wallpapers, but don’t get surprised if you find some that require a little bit of money. Compared to the quality of the wallpapers, that is a small price. We are sure that you are throwing away that amount of money daily, not to mention monthly. 


Last but not least, intoLive, a great mobile app that allows you to create personalized wallpapers from gifs or videos. From that saying, you can turn your favorite TV show, cartoon, or even friends video into a nice live wallpaper. These will make your days better just by looking at them and maybe even put you in a good mood when you are down. 

In the end, one highly recommended website for all devices that I am personally using. It’s completely free, and it gives you thousands of wallpapers to choose from for your lovely baby, phone of course. Here is the link

What are your favorite types of wallpapers, and what app are you using? Are you a car lover, animal lover, space lover, anime lover, or something else? Let us know in the comment section below.

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