WinX Video Converter is a free tool you can use to edit and convert any video footage. Convert your videos for popular devices, trim and merge clips, resize your videos, so they fit on popular social media sites like FaceBook. This product is safe because it’s free of malware, spyware, or adware with an easy-to-use interface that makes converting easier than ever. It also works best with IOS devices.

Convert any video to MP4, MOV, AVI, or WAV for free. It does not matter if it’s the 4K HDR10 footage recorded with DJI drones or high-res raw footage shot by camcorders. Resize large files in FAST mode so you can upload them back easily without worrying about speed limits on your network connection.

Covert 4K/HD videos Between Any Formats

WinX Video Converter is the ultimate tool for converting video. Convert virtually any input to 200+ formats, like AVI or WMV. With adjustable high frame rate settings perfect if you’re editing 4K footage captured by DJI drones and other camera devices that can shoot in these high levels of quality. You won’t need third-party plugins because WinX has everything built into its user-friendly interface, so there’s nothing else necessary but an internet connection and time.

Compress Video Without Losing Quality

You can show your videos in their best light by making them look professional. Convert to smaller file sizes with WinX Video Converter’s industry-leading features. It means you can upload faster to YouTube and ensure that your video plays flawlessly on screen. With power options optimized for space-saving, this convenient converter lets you take advantage of precious storage capacity while keeping all your content easy to access.

With this app, you can upload videos that are up to 90% smaller in file size. It means faster uploading of 4K video files, better playback on underpowered computers or TVs due to less stuttering/lag issues when playing them back. The compression makes storage easier, and it also cuts downtimes needed for download speeds, which saves money. So don’t miss out on these benefits just because device memory isn’t quite enough anymore.

Trim, Crop And Merge Your Footage

The WinX Video Converter is not only the perfect tool for converting videos. You can trim large videos into smaller segments, merge multiple clips to make one long clip, or create a new ending for your video. Trimming videos can be a tedious process, but it’s worth the time when you only have so much space on your PC. Extracting from either end of a clip and merging previous trims is a quick way to ensure that all footage fits into whatever container format is necessary for sending or uploading online.

The WinX Video Convertor has tools that let you crop unnecessary parts while rotating your footage invert upside-down images without any problems on playback. This is great if there are some mistakes made during conversion. The trimming process also allows you to crop unnecessary parts or remove black edges on either side of clips with just a few clicks.

Add Subtitles For Your Videos

It’s perfect for adding foreign language content or restoring features you’ve forgotten while editing projects.

This application stands out from other conversion tools by giving you full control of subtitle placement and manageability. You can permanently burn the translation on video footage or just add soft subtitles as needed, perfect for those who don’t have much time.

How To Start Converting Video

We all know the importance of video conversion and compression. With this software, you can convert videos to MP4 format or transcode 4K/HD movies anytime without any difficulty at all with an easy-to-use interface that’s not hard on your eyes either. You need to follow three easy steps.

Load Your Video Files

If you’re new to the process of making videos, don’t worry. just import your file using one of these options: “+ Video” button on mobile devices; drag ‘n’ drop onto desktop computers/laptops.”

Choose An Output Video

As you can also see, there are many different formats that we offer for our customers. Choose from the following formats: MOV, MP4, AVI, MP3, etc.

Start Conversion

The converter will navigate to the folder you specify and create a video—tap RUN to activate it immediately.

Pros And Cons

WinX Video Converter is a powerful and versatile free video converting tool. It can also convert any type of media file from different formats to mainstream ones. It allows users to convert media into popular formats like HEVC, MP4, MKV, M2TS, WMV, MOV. Additionally, it has many more features, such as making slide show.


  • Quickly a, no matter what device they’re on. You can even turn 4K videos into something more manageable for viewing
  • Fast processing speed and lossless output quality.
  • With a one-touch control panel, the WinX is much easier to operate.


  • The inferface is a little out of date.

WinX Video Converter is the best video converter that can convert all videos to any format. It offers Mac version as well.