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 Galaxy Watch 5 Pro in a Traditional Design With Monster Batttery

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

The rotating bezel on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is expected to be removed in favour of a more traditional design for the next Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

With its rotating bezel, Samsung has had an iconic design feature for more than a decade. That may be about to change, though, as the Galaxy Watch 5 series is said to be ditching the rotating bezel altogether.

The bezel of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will not rotate. Later this year, Samsung plans to release three new smartwatch models. The Galaxy Watch 5 “Pro” is expected to offer significant improvements in terms of battery life and physical dimensions over the standard Galaxy Watch 5. However, it appears that the rotating bezel will be absent from the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. “Disappoint” is Ice Universe’s response to a tweet concerning spinning bezels on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Although it was previously intended to be included in the future wearable, this suggests it is unlikely to be included.

Is Samsung’s rotating bezel done for good?

Sadly, the iconic rotating bezel appears to be on its way out, at least in the physical sense. While the “real” Galaxy Watch 4 does not have a touch-sensitive bezel around the screen, Samsung’s “virtual” Galaxy Watch 4 does. Watch 5 will do the same.

However, this isn’t the first time that the future of the rotating bezel has been in doubt.. A rotating bezel had been absent from Samsung’s smartwatches for nearly five years till the Galaxy Watch Active was introduced in 2019. A touchscreen bezel was implemented instead to cover in this gap on the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

In 2020, Samsung will bring the rotating bezel feature back with the Galaxy Watch 3. And of course, the “Classic” option for the Galaxy Watch 4 preserved the rotating bezel, as did the “Classic” option on the Galaxy Watch 3. Samsung’s prior Tizen OS was built around using the bezel to navigate, but Wear OS is less dependant on that feature. A spinning bezel on Samsung’s One UI Watch skin for Wear OS 3 isn’t necessary, so it’s understandable that Samsung would like to remove it.

Exclusive: Galaxy Watch 5 ‘Pro’ with monster battery could be in the works!

Our sources claim that Samsung is working on a “Pro” version of the Galaxy Watch 5. Samsung has historically offered two different sizes of their yearly Galaxy smartwatch refresh models. For now, we’ll name it the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro until a third model is announced in 2022.

A 572 mAh battery is the only thing that sets this Pro version distinct from previous models (which we presume will be a Galaxy Watch 5 and a Galaxy Watch 5 Classic), but we haven’t been given any other details. Even a Korean certification can be used to verify the battery’s capacity.

It will be interesting to see how Samsung manages to fit a 572 mAh battery into the new Galaxy Watch without making it significantly larger. The larger Galaxy Watch 4 models have a 361 mAh battery, so the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro might have a battery capacity increase of roughly 60%.

The release date of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is yet to be determined.

The Galaxy Watch 4’s battery life hasn’t been great. According to our sources, the Galaxy Watch 5 series may be a step in the right direction for Samsung’s smartwatches because of the migration to Wear OS from Samsung’s in-house Tizen platform. According to recent reports, battery enhancements are coming to the other two Galaxy Watch 5 versions as well.


Unfortunately, we’ve learned from reliable sources that the existence of a Pro edition is far from certain. As we draw closer to the launch of the Galaxy Watch 5 series, we would advise not getting too excited about it just yet, as it could be shelved. Be on the lookout for more information about the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro; we’ll keep an eye out for it and keep you posted.

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Q1: Is there going to be a new Galaxy Watch in 2021?

South Korean site The Elec (opens in a new tab) claims that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be released somewhere in the second half of 2022, which isn’t a surprise considering that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series was released in August of 2021.

Q2: Does the Galaxy Watch 5 have water resistance?

The watch has a pressure rating of up to five atmospheres, or around 50 metres of water. Above 50 metres, any water-related activity is permitted. Only when scuba diving below this depth will you encounter difficulties.

Q3: What’s the newest Samsung model?

Galaxy S10 and S10+ models for 2022 have been introduced by Samsung. The Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra are the newest phones in the Galaxy S line from Samsung. The Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipsets power these phones, which are available in different regions.

Q4: Do Samsung watches work with swimming?

Your watch is water-resistant and ready for everything, so you can wear it in the pool, the rain, and even the shower. Turn on Water lock mode if you don’t want to accidentally touch anything when you’re splashing around. After swiping down to access the Quick settings section on your watch, tap the Water lock mode symbol.

Q5: Is the Galaxy S10 new or old?

As a follow-up to the wildly popular Galaxy S9 line, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S10 in March of this year. Additionally, there were three different sizes of Galaxy S10es, a bigger Galaxy S10+, and a 6.7-inch 5G model.

Q6: Is it safe to wear a smartwatch?

Smartphones and other wireless gadgets generate radiation, but that radiation lacks the energy to damage DNA. Smartwatches and other wireless gadgets. According to the FDA, there is no reason to be concerned about using cell phones because of the lack of evidence linking them to any health risks.

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