Get Paid for Things That People Give Out for Free


In the current corporate environment, to maximize your living standard, you need to continually enhance your income streams. But thanks to rapid advancements in digital innovation and its incredible popularity throughout the world, you can now earn a pretty decent side income.

Apart from all the usual things that you can do to make money online, such as freelancing, selling digital products, selling pictures and images, drop shipping, etc. You can also tap into a slightly different niche.

There are legitimate things you can do and make money online, which many people give out for free or throw away. Stay with us – everything is going to make sense in a couple of minutes.

So let’s dive right in.

Top Things You Can Monetize to Generate a Side Income Online

Make Money Selling Services as a Consultant

While selling digital products is all the rave right now, you’d be surprised to know that there’s a lot of potential in selling non-tangible goods as well.

We’re talking about selling services as an opinion leader or an authority on a particular niche. For example, you can sell authentic and proven tips on how to perform personal shopping. You can tell folks how to decorate their homes, go face-to-face with them as leadership trainers, and more.

After you determine your strengths and identify your niche, all that’s left to do is to build a website that has appointment booking and live chat features. Advertise yourself well, search for clients on LinkedIn, and this may build up pretty quickly.

Monetize Your Opinions

Another excellent strategy to generate a decent passive income online is by sharing your opinion. You heard that right.

There are well-reputed platforms that function as corporate focus groups. Anybody can join them. However, focus groups are typically conducted in person or via Zoom.

Corporate focus groups look for legitimate and genuine opinions on their products/services so that they can make continuous improvements. There’s usually a diverse collection of topics you can choose from.

Focus groups normally take anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours to complete. And some platforms pay individuals up to $200 for active participation.

The amount of money one gets depends on the quality of the focus group, its length, and its objective.

Write Genuine Product Reviews

If you’ve come across review sites to check out reviews on a product you’re interested in and discovered that you could have written it better, then chances are, you can!

Product reviewing is a profitable niche that helps bloggers, and avid digital marketers gain exposure to the vast world of affiliate marketing. Plus, you can build your own review site where you can find new or startup businesses and promote their products in exchange for a commission.

Companies require daily reviews on fast-moving products such as apparel, food items, electronics, and whatnot.

You will also come across companies that will give you the product so you can use it for a couple of days and write a more authentic review on it. These types of reviews are often more profitable. To start, all you have to do is become a member of a review company and create an account.

When registration is completed, you’ll be given different types of products and services to review. Get the hang of it, build your prospects, become a good writer, and soon you’ll have your own review site.

Share Your Internet Bandwidth to Earn Money

Another clever and fun way of making money is using data-sharing apps. So, what’s so fun about them? Well, you can earn by virtually doing nothing.

Data-sharing companies are pretty cutting-edge, providing individuals the opportunity to make a decent side income in exchange for using their internet. However, this is better suited for people who have an unlimited data package. In addition, prominent data-sharing companies are crowdsourced proxy networks.

And some even have referral programs paying users commissions on onboarding other people. While the pay isn’t going to make you rich overnight. It’s all about the long game. And hey, it’s easy money!

Get Paid for Writing Online Surveys

This is another pretty good way of earning some greens online via small tasks. Online surveys are similar to focus groups. But the only major difference is that online surveys have to be completed online and on a form.

So, it’s way simpler, and you can take your time with it. Online surveys are typically used by top-notch brands and corporations as data points to offer better and more optimized services.

And there are plenty of authentic online survey platforms that you can subscribe to and choose your niche. Some may pay up to $5 per survey.

Bottom Line

Generating a passive income online isn’t a pipedream anymore. Digital technology has made significant strides in introducing platforms and opportunities anyone can leverage to make money from home. Even better – you can monetize things people give out for free. Hopefully, you found what’s listed here useful.

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