Google Bard Turns Into a Programmer!


Google gave everyone Bard some time ago so that it could catch up to Microsoft. The company OpenAI made an AI chatbot called ChatGPT with the help of Microsoft. It came out last year. Because of this, the tech industry moved faster to make AI easier for people to use. Alphabet Inc.’s Google said on Friday that it will improve its creative AI chatbot Bard so it can help people write software code. This is how the company tries to keep up with how fast AI technology changes.

Bard AI Can Now Write Programs, Decode Software and Write Codes!

Bard, Google’s conversational AI tool, can now help software developers write code by making code, fixing bugs in code, and describing code. Users asked for the new set of skills, so they were added. Paige Bailey, a Google Research product lead, said in a blog post on Friday that helping people learn how to code is one of the most popular requests Google gets from users.

Google’s new tool turns Bard into a code wizard.

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Google said on Friday that it will share these tools for making software in more than 20 computer languages, like C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript. You can send the Python code to Google Colab. Bard can also help you figure out how to use Google Sheets. All of this means that Google’s AI project Bard can look at users’ source code lines by lines to help them find bugs.

Google says that writers can ask Bard, “This code didn’t work, please fix it,” which will help with debugging. It can also translate code from one computer language to another and explain code snippets, which is helpful for people who are just starting to learn how to program.

Bard was designed to compete with ChatGPT and other language models, but TechCrunch’s own tests of chatbot performance showed that it wasn’t as good as its AI peers. At least on paper, this new set of skills could help Bard keep up with ChatGPT and Claude. How well Bard can write, read, and fix code is another thing.

Google’s new tool turns Bard into a code wizard.

Bailey said in his blog post that Bard is still in its early stages and that it “may sometimes give inaccurate, misleading, or false information while presenting it confidently.” For instance, Bard may give writers code that works but isn’t done or doesn’t do what was expected.

Even with these issues, we think Bard’s new features will help you by giving you new ways to write code, make test cases, and change APIs. “If Bard uses a lot of code from an existing open-source project, it will give credit to the original project,” Bailey wrote.

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What Other Features Does Bard AI Gets Other Than Coding?

More than 20 computer languages, like Go, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, and Typescript, are used to program and make software. Also, it is now much easier to send Python code to Google Colab. Bard will also be able to teach people how to use the writing tools on Google Sheets. Google said that the robot wouldn’t just be able to write code.

Google’s new tool turns Bard into a code wizard.

Other than that, it will be able to explain small bits of code. The company says this tool will help people who are just starting to learn how to code or who need more help figuring out what a certain block of code does. Bard can fix bugs even in the code it wrote itself.

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“If Bard gives you an error message or code that doesn’t do what you want, just tell Bard “this code didn’t work, please fix it,” and Bard can help you debug,” a blog post said. Even though this is the newest thing Bard can do, Google says that the robot is still a test and that it could make codes that don’t work.

Google is still optimistic and thinks that Bard will be useful for writers and artists. Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said on an earnings call on February 2, before Bard came out, that AI was the “most profound” tool the company was working on. He said that Google is “continuing to invest” in AI and that people will “see a lot from us in the coming few months” in this area.

Google’s new tool turns Bard into a code wizard.


Bard is an AI tool that Google is trying out. It now has new features that make writing and making software easy. Bard can now do things like “code generation, debugging, and code explanation” because of the company. Google says that you can now use Google Bard in different ways. On Friday, these new tools for Bard became available.

A Google blog post says that this was done because users of the AI robot asked Alphabet, which owns Google, to add these features. The big computer company had said before that they would be included. Google said that Bard’s new ability to explain code could be “especially helpful” for people who are new to programming or need “some extra help to understand what a block of code might do.”

Google’s new tool turns Bard into a code wizard.

Google said that Bard is still an early experiment and that the chatbot may sometimes give incorrect, misleading, or false information while acting confident. “When it comes to coding, Bard might give you code that works but doesn’t do what you want, code that’s not the best or isn’t finished,” the company said.

Always check Bard’s answers twice, and carefully check code for errors, bugs, and security holes before relying on it. On the other hand, Google said it thinks the new editing tools can help people with projects like these. A blog post says they will work with Python, C++, Javascript, and more than 17 other computer languages.

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Google gave the robot to more people about a month ago. First, people in the U.S. and U.K. could use it. The change happens after a month. Bard was first shown by the tech giant in February. Only trusted testers could use it at first.

In the area of AI, Google has been competing with Microsoft and OpenAI. This company, which is backed by Microsoft, made a well-known robot called ChatGPT, which has been in the news a lot in recent months.

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