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 These are the New 5 Cities on Google Fiber’s Expansion List

These are the New 5 Cities on Google Fiber’s Expansion List

Google Fiber in 5 new states. In a new round of growth, Google Fiber broadband service will be introduced to the states of Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, and Idaho over the course of the next few years. As such, it is the first substantial expansion of Google Fiber since the company temporarily halted the rollout in nine locations in October 2016. The rollout to those five additional cities over the next few years is contingent on receiving necessary permits.

Google Fiber in 5 new states

Google Fiber in 5 new states

In a blog post, Google Fiber CEO Dinni Jain said those states, along with existing metro areas, will be the company’s primary growth targets over the next few years. Mesa, Arizona, and Colorado Springs, Colorado will soon be receiving Google Fiber’s gigabit fibre connection, as was previously reported. With the approval of Google Fiber’s proposal in July, Mesa became the first city in Arizona to offer the service. Jain, formerly the COO of Time Warner Cable and since 2018 the CEO of Google Fiber, claims that the company has been hard at work “behind the scenes” improving service delivery and product quality in recent years.

According to Reuters

Google Fiber’s head of product management, Raja Jain, said that the company was ready to “add a little bit more build velocity” in order to expand the service to 22 metropolitan regions, up from the current 17 that have access to it.


With the launch of Google Fiber in 5 new states in 2012, the search giant intended to challenge established players in the US broadband industry, such as Comcast and AT&T. In some places, incumbent providers raised their pricing to compete with Google Fiber.

Then, in August of 2016, word spread that Google Fiber was laying off employees, and AT&T took the opportunity to poke fun at Google Fiber for its naivete in predicting the difficulty and expense of constructing a fibre network. To speed up service to multi-unit dwellings, Google had earlier that year acquired Webpass, a supplier of wireless broadband internet access.

Google Fiber in 5 new states

According to what Jain said to Reuters In a recent announcement

Google Fiber hinted at its future plans and made it clear that it will not be expanding to every state. “Ten years ago, many people believed that Google Fiber would attempt to cover the entire country. We are indicating that “No, we are not attempting to construct the entire country.” “According to what he had to say. In 2015, Google Fiber was moved from Alphabet’s Core Businesses to Other Bets so that investors could better understand the expenditures associated with loss-making initiatives like as X, which handled Project Loon and Google’s autonomous vehicles, now known as Waymo.Instead of relying on “a rich parent’s wallet,” Jain stated the team needed to shift from a “spirit and culture of enormous invention” to one of “operational excellence.”


“I’m pleased to say that we’re ready to grow with them” “As towns around the country look to extend access to gigabit internet, I’m happy to say that we’re ready to grow alongside them,” he says. For a considerable amount of time, our team has been talking to communities all across the United States on how to expeditiously bring better internet to their people and company owners. More information regarding which cities will be receiving Google Fiber is forthcoming, according to the company. However, the business announced this month that it is making preparations to expand gigabit connectivity to the city of Mesa in Arizona. The construction of fibre networks in the area is scheduled to begin early next year. Google Fiber has also apparently been attempting to increase coverage in Colorado Springs.

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Google Fiber in 5 new states


Q1: Is Google Fiber still growing in 2022?

We boosted capacity at every node in the network, from the edge devices that customers rarely use to the Wi-Fi in their homes, to meet the growing demands of our customers. In 2022, we will keep working to improve the already lightning-fast and consistently dependable internet service we provide to our clients.

Q2: Google Fiber is available in how many states?

Google Fiber, owned and operated by Alphabet Inc., is a broadband service provider for homes and businesses that uses both fibre optics and fixed wireless technology. As of this writing, Google Fiber is available in eleven cities spread over nine different states.

Q3: Is Google Fiber still growing?

Google Fiber is not dead; in fact, it is rapidly growing in coverage area. Alphabet’s Google Fiber subsidiary, which specialises in providing high-speed internet access in the United States, recently stated in a blog post its ambitious intentions to extend its fibre services over the next three to five years.

Q4: How come Google Fiber didn’t work?

In Louisville, Google Fiber technicians used “shallow trenching” to lay fibre optic cable. The Google Fiber team blamed the failure in Louisville on the deployment of novel building techniques. Nanotrenching is a deployment method that helped Google Fiber roll out faster and cheaper than ever before.

Q5:Is Google Fiber available in the state of Florida?

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville are just few of the places in Florida where you can get this service right now. Officials from AT&T likewise declined to comment on the Google Fiber setback.

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