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Here’s A Complete List Of Google Home Voice Commands

Google Home

Google Home is growing fast in becoming the household gadget for performing voice-based tasks. It is already among the closest rivals to Amazon’s Echo. Although many tech enthusiasts still vouch for Echo’s huge task list, Google Home is not far behind and has its own set of voice commands that will make your home smarter.

These smart speakers by Google retail at $129, and are integrated with Google’s AI assistant simply known as Google Assistant. Also, now that Google is rolling out its Assistant for Android phones running Marshmallow and above, Google Home will make more sense if you happen to have an Android smartphone running Android 6.0 or above.

Google Home is equipped with handling a lot of tasks such as controlling lights (Phillips Hue and more), playing quizzes, watching YouTube videos on your connected devices, and much more. All these tasks are done by giving a simple voice command, much like asking someone a question.

We have come up with a complete list of Google Home voice commands that you can use on your new personal assistant

Activating Google Assistant

All you need to say is “OK Google” or “Hey Google” and Google Home will sound off a beep, ready to listen and respond to your command.

Informal Commands

Google is getting better and better at understanding context. For example, if you are listening to a song through Google Home, you can say, “OK Google, what’s the name of this singer?”. Or, you can ask something like “OK Google, play that Pharrell song from Despicable Me”.

General Commands

Search Commands For Google Home

Media Commands

Get Information About Sports, Movies, And More

Third Party Services On Google Home

Google Home supports over 50 different services such as CNBC, Domino’s, Food Network, NBC News, NPR One, Quora, The Wall Street Journal, Todoist, Uber, WebMD, Product Hunt, Best Dad Jokes, and more.

Here are a few examples of commands that you can use. After the command, Google Home will play a beep sound that means you are now connected to the service.

Have Fun With These Google Home Easter Eggs

“Hey Google, are you SkyNet?”
“Hey Google, did you sneeze?”
“Hey Google, who’s your daddy?.”
“Hey Google, make me a taco.”
“Hey Google, count by 10.”
“Hey Google, what am I thinking right now?.”

Feel free to experiment to find even more Easter eggs.

Smart Home Connected Devices

Google Home supports Nest, SmartThings, Philips Hue, Google Cast, and If This Then That (IFTTT). Google plans on increasing the list of supported devices, but for now, you can only control these five. Here are the Google Home voice commands that you can use to control the aforementioned devices:

Control Philips Hue Lights – “OK Google, turn on my lights” or “OK Google, turn off my lights.” or “OK Google, turn dim my lights to sixty percent.” You can also change the color of Hue lights by saying “OK Google, turn my lights Green” or any color you want.

Control Nest thermostat – “OK Google, turn the temperature to 75 degrees.” or “OK Google, increase the temperature 5 degrees.”


We hope these Google Home voice commands help you in better using your device. Let us know in the comments section below if you know any other commands that will make Google Home even more fun and useful!

Cleo Hall

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