Google Pixel 8a Leak Reveals All Specs: Here’s What To Expect!


The Google Pixel 8a could come out as early as May 14, 2024, which is the first day of Google I/O. There’s a new tip that might tell us everything we need to know about the device, like how much the mid-range phone will cost in Europe. This leak comes from @MysteryLupin and was found on Android Police.

There have been leaks of some of this information before, but this is the first time we’ve seen such a full list of everything the Pixel 8a will have. Inside is a Tensor G3 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and either 128GB or 256GB of built-in storage. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are the same. It is said to have an AMOLED screen that is 6.1 inches and can get as bright as 2,000 nits.

Google Pixel 8a Expected Price And Availability

The information also shows a Pixel 8a sign that says it will cost €549 in Europe. Older phones can get an extra €150. The device comes in Bay, Lime Green, Obsidian, and Porcelain. There is only one thing left to do: make the gadget public and sell it. Most of the information about it has already been leaked.

Google Pixel 8a Leak Reveals All Specs

The colors in this leak are interesting: Aloe, Blue, Azure, Volcanic Black, and Porcelain. That sounds like six colors, with two shades of blue and two shades of green. But in the past, leaks have only shown four colors. It’s possible that where you live will change the quantity. There is also a price set for Europe: €549. When it first came out, the Google Pixel 7a cost €509. Prices may also go up in other parts of the world. It cost $499, £449, or AU$749 when it first came out, based on where you live.

People have talked about this phone’s price going up or down between €569 and €599 in leaks. There are different opinions on whether the Google Pixel 8a price will go up or down. The Pixel 8 starts at $699, £699, or AU$1,199. The Pixel 8a’s price will tell you a lot about whether it’s a better deal. In a few weeks, we should know for sure.

Google Pixel 8a: Specifications (Expected)

But this time, the Pixel 8a’s screen will have an update rate of 120Hz and a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits. It will still be 6.1 inches. It will also have Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on it. It’s 152.1 mm long, 72.7 mm wide, and 8.9 mm thick. It’s 188 grams heavy and has an IP67 grade, which means it can handle dust and water. The Tensor G3 chip will be inside, but some say it might not be as fast as the SoC in the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

Pick between 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage and 8GB of LPDDR5x RAM. The Pixel 8a is expected to have a lot of new software features, such as Magic Touch-up, Better Grip Magic, Real Tone, and more. App updates will be made for 7 years, which is the same amount of time as the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

Google Pixel 8a Leak Reveals All Specs

It looks like nothing has changed with the camera since the Pixel 7a. It still has two sensors on the back: a main 64MP sensor (likely made by Samsung) and a 13MP ultrawide sensor (likely made by Sony). Both of these sensors support optical image stabilization. It will have a 13MP camera on the front.

The thing has a 4,492mAh battery that can be charged with 27W via a wired connection or wirelessly. For extra safety, the screen has a fingerprint reader built-in, and you can also unlock it with your face. It has a USB 3.2 Type-C port, Wi-Fi 6E, and works with most LTE and 5G bands so you can connect.


The leaker also sent a Pixel 8a sign that made it look like the European price of the phone might be €549. “Google Pixel 8a with Google AI” is what it says in the title, and you can get €150 when you trade in your old phone. The price was thought to go up a lot because it had many of the same specs as the normal Pixel 8. But now there are rumors that the Google Pixel 8a might cost the same in the US as the Pixel 7a, which is $499. There will be a huge selection of colors for the Pixel 8a, including Bay, Lime Green, Obsidian, and Porcelain.

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