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Google Search now helps you find good restaurants in your price range

If you follow my articles here on trendblog, you probably got the idea already that I’m a big fan of Google’s personal assistant Google Now, especially its voice commands. The good thing about it is that it just keeps getting better. Only for a short while now, you can enjoy Google Now in your Chrome browser or call most of your relatives by saying the magic words “Okay Google, call mom/dad/my brother…”.

Google announced today the next little but helpful update. You can now easily find the best restaurant near you that fits your expectations, appetite and money situation. By saying, for example, “Okay Google, show me restaurants in downtown Dallas” Google Search will show you the usual search results for nearby restaurants.

However, the new thing here is the button that says “Filter”. After clicking it, you get a number of filters that you can use to find the best restaurant. This makes the whole process of finding the right place a whole lot more faster and simpler than with some other local discovery apps.

If you’re in the U.S., then you should be able to use this new feature right away. People outside of the U.S. need to wait a little longer for this update. Google hasn’t announced any dates for the support in other countries, yet.

Marc Knoll

Marc is an online marketer, avid blogger and technology enthusiast. His focus is on Android, tech and gadget reviews. He likes spending time travelling and reading all about what's going on in the tech world.
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