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 Half-Life 2 Will Soon Be Playable In VR

Half-Life 2 Will Soon Be Playable In VR

Half life 2, I’m sure I’ve said this here before, but if anyone were to ask me to name my favourite video game, I’d have to say Half-Life 2. In light of this, I am interested in any game that attempts to replicate Half-Life 2’s compelling blend of free-form exploration, combat, puzzle solving, and bleakness. I’d be ecstatic if that game had its own gravity gun and ended up being a hit. Adaca, a recently released independent shooter, is fortunately one of them.

Half life 2


A first-person shooter released last week, calls itself an homage to games from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Nowadays, shooters are “linear but not stuck in hallways,” and this is a relatively new phenomenon. Video games like Half-Life 2 and Halo and action-adventure games like Far Cry. These are the types of shooters where there is, indeed, only one way to complete each level and playspace; however, these areas are larger than the corridors in Doom, are interesting to explore, and are often filled with environmental puzzles. Adaca takes inspiration from a number of these shooters, but it most closely resembles Half-Life 2 (and this is no coincidence).

During the first twenty minutes of Adaca, you are equipped with a gravity gun arm and forced to fight space cops, whose deaths are signalled by an intense static surge and electronic screeching. Your protagonist, like Half-Gordon Life’s Freeman, makes no stops along the way and remains silent the entire time. Everything here should sound very familiar to anyone who has played Half-Life 2 or any of the expansion packs for that game. Of course, if it ain’t broken.

Adaca’s lone developer had a firm grasp on what made games like Half-Life 2 and its contemporaries successful. A lone crow can be heard in the distance during one scene involving a train and a deserted bridge. Despite its limitations, the level succeeds thanks to the added tension created by the space police firing at you as you carefully time when to advance and when to squeeze to the side to let the train fly by. Like in Half-Life 2, you can also use a large box to shield yourself from some of the gunfire. Or, you could toss it at the jerk who’s shooting at you, sending him tumbling off the bridge.

Half life 2

In a different section of the game

You won’t have much ammunition but will have plenty of small objects to throw at the zombie-like foes. To buy yourself some time to figure out an exit strategy, you can either use larger ones to create obstacles to impede their progress. In Adaca, your choices are always open. This indie shooter stands out because it consistently achieves the pacing and flow of a Half-Life game, despite some aspects feeling less polished than Valve’s classic shooter. Clipping through walls or stairs is especially noticeable in tight spaces like these. On other occasions, I encountered performance issues or unfinished, empty rooms. In addition, there are no voiceovers; instead, characters “chirp” in that distinctive Banjo-Kazooie manner. This did not hinder my enjoyment of Adaca, but rather served as a sobering reminder of the game’s massive scope and meagre resources. It also served as a reminder of how obviously personal this game is to its creators.


Adaca is one of my favourite games I’ve played this year when it’s functioning properly and capturing that Half-Life 2-feel. At the very least, fans of Half-Life 2 and its various episodes, including Alyx, should try out the game’s demo. I haven’t even touched on the fact that there is a completely separate open-world campaign in this game. So, if you get sick of reliving the past, there’s a whole other mode that plays more like a contemporary, large-scale shooter, like the most recent Far Cry games. Wow, that’s a great deal.

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Half life 2


Q1: Is Half-Life 2 the best game ever made?

In the history of video games, few titles can compare to Half-Life 2’s accomplishments. It is widely considered to be one of the best video games of all time, and it has won nearly 40 Game of the Year awards. The game’s influence on the industry is incontestable; it propelled video games to new heights.

Q2: What made Half-Life 2 so unique, do you think?

It was ever present in Half-Life 2, lending the world a sense of heft and unpredictability. Not only did physics play a role in the narrative, but it also formed the backbone of several pivotal game sequences. You get one of the sequel’s more ingenious inventions, the Gravity Gun, about a third of the way through the game.

Q3: Is Half-Life 2 an extremely challenging game?

Playing this game is a breeze. The intended path is obvious, and the “puzzles” can be completed in seconds. Apply the same logic as if you really were in that situation. It’s so well designed that directional signs are unnecessary.

Q4: Can we expect a third instalment of Half-Life?

According to a report, Valve is not actively working on Half-Life 3, preferring instead to concentrate on Steam Deck-compatible games. In a new video, Tylver McVicker of Valve News Network claims that the company has no plans to create a sequel to Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

Q5: How long is Half-Life 2?

Half-Life 2 lasts about 13 hours if you stick to the game’s main objectives. You can expect to spend about 1912 hours if you’re the type of gamer who wants to see everything.

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