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How to change the google homepage background from default in simple easy ways?  

Google is an online platform; it’s a search engine. Nowadays, Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser. There is not even a single day without google usage, whatever we want to know we just go to google and search for it. Wherever we are going, we go to Google to search. Like everything, whatever we need. We just go to Google and get what we want.    

But how about if we get to change the google background from default? Isn’t this interesting?  In this article, I will help you to know how to change Google’s background in chrome. This will give your homepage a new look and make your tabs more fascinating.  

Well, here I am for you. With the simple hardly five steps. I will teach you how you can change your background. Google chrome default is white with a simple plain background. Since we have spent so much time on it, we should know how to change this default background. We can make the background page more interesting according to our preferences.  

No matter how old you are or where you are using the google chrome browser. It can be your phone, laptop, computer, or your tablet. The steps are going to be the same. Many people might not know how to change the background but that’s normal because google is the search engine. It is only made for search and to do this, it removes the graphics, and the search engines give the result. The content is front and center. As a result, the search page looks a little too basic. With a simple search box with a big white background, there’s not much to look at when you’re ready to find the information which you are looking for on the Web.  

However, Google does give us a way to change your Google background image, but you’ll need to do some little steps as I said earlier. To find out how to do it. You will need to come to Google’s browser, Google chrome. If you’re using Firefox, Edge, or Safari, you’re out of luck.  Here’s how the user can change the Google background.  

How to change the google background with five simple steps?  

  1. Open Chrome browser.  
  2. Go to the three dots. As it is mentioned in the below image. As you can see three dots. Click on it and go to the settings options. Which will pop up after clicking on three dots.  


      3. In the next step. You will see the appearance on the left side of the screen. After clicking it, you will see the theme section. Click on the box which I have made some arrows for your better understanding. 


      4.You will see a lot of themes pop up. Just drag your screen and select your favorite theme.  

As you can see many options here, including dark modes, slate colors, high contrast, and image-based options, among others. Spend some time and you will find the one you like best. You’ll notice in your opinion that there are many options to choose from. So, look at the reviews people have uploaded on each of the themes. They’ll give you some ideas about which themes are going to work well on your browser and look good when you work on the search page. These themes don’t only affect the search page but also your tabs and other areas around the browser. After all, drag and select your favorite theme.  

After clicking on the theme, you will see an image. I have added below click on Add to chrome. It will start downloading and after downloading your google chrome background will be changed.

   5. After all steps, you will see your chrome background will open in the selected background theme.

After choosing your favorite theme. Click on the chrome option. Google will automatically add the theme to the theme section in your google account and you will see everything changed after adding it. You will see the change on the homepage of the chrome page. You will see new colored tabs in your chosen color.   

If you want to change the theme or you don’t like the theme. Again, just follow the same steps. Also keep this in mind that if you want to go back to Google’s default theme, you can return to the Appearance page in step four and click on the default button.  

Frequently asked the question: 

Why can’t I change my background from the default?  

  Well, in most cases people use other browsers like Firefox, Edge, or Safari than google chrome. If that’s your case, then you should use google chrome if you want to change the background.  

 Why Can’t I See the Theme in Chrome?  

Chrome offers many themes in the web store. If a theme does not display after installation, then it may not be installed correctly. If the theme suddenly vanished, it may not be synced or maybe you’re on another google account.  

Steven Dawson

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