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 Home Staging Tips for Quick Sale

Home Staging Tips for Quick Sale

Most homeowners often have the challenge of their homes not selling fast. While some of the reasons are usually beyond their control, such as the existing real estate market conditions and competition, they can do things to favor their sale.

Some homeowners struggle to get their property off the listing for lack of preparation. However, the appeal is a critical factor that buyers consider before making a decision. Here are some home staging essentials that will earn you favor with the buyers.

Work on Your Curb Appeal

Your curb is the first thing buyers will see. Before they get into the house, they will already have created a perception of the property. You, therefore, want to create a positive perception that will increase the chances of getting an offer from the buyers.

Ensure that your curb has excellent appeal. If you make the buyers love your property before they step into your house, you have better chances of convincing them to take the house even if they don’t love one thing about your interior.

Enhance the Lighting

Lighting is top of the things that buyers look for when looking for a property to buy. Ensure there is adequate lighting by changing the bulbs and drawing your custom drapes to let more natural light in. This will create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Also, good lighting will emphasize the good features of your home.

To add elegance, work with a combination of lighting fixtures such as task, pendant, and ambient lighting fixtures. You can also use window treatments such as curtains to create the illusion of space and height.

Depersonalize the Space

One thing about staging is that buyers come to picture their furniture and belongings in the space. It would be best if you, therefore, made the room ready by depersonalizing it. For example, unhang family photos from the wall, keep away clothes and other items that would be deemed personal.

Also, it is best to have neutral paint on the walls to allow the buyers to visualize the space as their own.

Clean and Repair the House

No matter how good the property is, it will put off potential buyers if it is untidy. Cleaning is, therefore, one of the most important things to do. More so, cleaning will make the home look new. The tiles on your roof, baseboards, floors, and windows should be sparkling.

Proper cleaning shows that the sellers maintain the home well, and buyers will have confidence in the property. In addition, you can hire professional cleaners for a more thorough job.

Doing some patch-ups and repairs will also go a long way in keeping the house in a desirable condition for staging. Repairs can also increase the perceived value of the property.


Failure to prepare your home for staging is setting yourself for failure in making a sale. Do not ignore cleaning and doing repairs. Improve your curb appeal by mowing the loan and adding some fresh paint to the property’s exterior. Declutter and depersonalize the space to give the buyer a chance to picture the space as their own.

Richard Ellis

Richard Ellis

Richard Ellis is a Eurogamer reporter who is interested in streaming, people and communities, and providing marginalized individuals a voice.
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