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 Honor Magic 4 Pro Is the Flagship Phone Huawei Wishes It Could Make

Honor Magic 4 Pro Is the Flagship Phone Huawei Wishes It Could Make

Honor magic 4 pro is clearly one of the more expensive flagships on the market, coming in at a hefty £950. Fortunately, there’s a lot to enjoy about the phone, which helps to justify its steep price. The phone is now unavailable in the United States, and there is no news on when it will be. However, as a point of perspective, the UK price is equivalent to about $1,160 or AU$1,670.

Honor magic 4 pro Attractive design with the cameras arranged in a circular unit at the back’s centre rather than being pushed to one side makes this a desirable camera. 

It’s fast in everyday use, with no unpleasant lag when navigating the Android 12 interface.. Games like Asphalt 9: Legends and PUBG ran smoothly and quickly. With its maximum 2,848×1,312-pixel resolution, the display is bright, colourful, and pin-sharp at 6.81-inches. To conserve battery, this can be programmed to automatically decrease down to 2,136×984-pixels in some tasks

Honor magic 4 pro

Metal and glass combine to form the body.

  • When you hold it, it truly does feel like a high-end smartphone.
  • The display has a curved border that lends it a luxury feel.
  • With a total of three cameras, the large circle on the back of the phone holds the three major cameras: a 50MP main camera, 50MP ultrawide, and 64MP wide-angle.
  • The main camera’s images are crisp, clear, and full of fine detail.
  • As long as you’re not rough on your phone, the 4,600-mAh battery will keep the phone going for the entire day with normal use.
  • The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU included in the Honor Magic 4 Pro is the pinnacle of Android 2022 performance.

Honor magic 4 pro

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Q1: Is there Google in Honor 4 pro?

Even if Magic UI is still at most a second-tier Android skin, it takes much of what we’ve always appreciated about Huawei’s high-end hardware, including a sleek design, fantastic display, and a fine all-around camera system.

Q2: Is honour a criminal offence in India?

As of 2019, Google would not do business with either Honor or Huawei due to the restriction. That’s why Google Mobile Services weren’t available on either of their handsets (GMS).

Honor magic 4 pro

Q3: Is Honor a Huawei brand?

Honor, a subsidiary of Chinese electronics giant Huawei, was sold to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology in November 2020.

Q4: Who manufactures Honour smartphones?

Honor (stylized and marketed as HONOR) is a Shenzhen municipal government-controlled state-owned smartphone brand. Huawei Technologies used to be the owner.

Q5: When it comes to smartphones, which Honor model is the best?

The best mid-range smartphone is the Honor 50. Pros. Lightweight and thin

A great phone for the money is the Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G (Honor Magic 4). Pros. Charging at 66W.

Best 4G phone: Honor 50 Lite Pros. Charging at 66 watts

Best without Google: Honor 9X Pro. Pros. It’s a great deal.

The best battery life can be found in the Honor 9A. Pros.


Q6: Does Huawei have Google on their phones?

Even if you don’t require Google Mobile Services, the P30 Pro is a great option for those who wish to stick with Huawei. Since it was released two months before the prohibition was announced, it still has full Google support

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