From the jetpack to the flying car, the transporter to the invisible airship, over the years science fiction has gotten our hopes up and the iconic inventions that should have revolutionized transportation as we know it have simply failed to materialize. For those lucky and balanced tech lovers with 10,000 dollars to spare, however, the future of rideable technology can be purchased via Kickstarter from the good people at Arx Pax. Yes, Back to the Future fans, you read that correctly—the hoverboard is here.

Who does not want to have a hoverboard?

Hoverboard in Back to the Future

Using magnetic levitation to maintain a 1 to 3 inch hover, “The Hendo,” named for founders Greg and Jill Henderson, offers the promise of true airborne transportation, as long as the rider stays above the specific surfaces required for the proprietary Magnetic Field Architecture technology to function.

Without the forceful propulsion of, say, a jetpack, The Hendo drifts lazily above the non-ferrous metal surfaces that make magnetic levitation possible, waiting for the thrust of a human foot to send the rider off in any direction. And, while the earliest adopters have already noted that the device’s greatest weakness may be it’s shockingly short battery life, the existence of true hoverboard technology was enough to guarantee that the limited supply of functioning prototypes have already sold out.

Hendo Hoverboard

There is, however, a silver lining for future-tech aficionados who were unable to score one of the ten extant hoverboards—The Whitebox Developer Kit. For the low, low price of 699 USD, The Whitebox Developer Kit offers the willing tinkerer all of the secrets of hover technology for and limitless application opportunities.