This question has popped up since February 2018 when Snapchat started a new update and gave a new layout for best friends list. There is an algorithm based on which Snapchat creates your best friends list. Though this update was to make it easier for users to interact with people and interact more often, a lot of people have wanted to change it.

Snapchat Order Best Friends

Snapchat will first notice whom you contact the most. The more frequently you communicate the higher the person is placed on your list.

What if you use Snapchat rarely? The same algorithm goes for it. The people you have snapped more will appear on the top of the list.

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The person who is contacted the most appears at the top of this list.

Snapchat is always changing its algorithm and always changing the best friends list.

If the list goes from up to down then your best friends are listed column wise. If you have two columns there then the order of your best friends list will first go from up to down in the first column then up to down in the second column. The order of your best friends is always from up to down and not across.

Why Is Snapchat Order Best Friend Annoying?

Consider having a boss or a client or an ex-wife or husband whom you are compelled to contact a lot on Snapchat for practical reasons of course but they are not your best friends in real life and they are listed at top of your best friends lists.

It is annoying to see these names again and again and that too figuring at the top. If someone is your Snapchat best friend then they will have an emoticon icon beside their name on Snapchat.

To facilitate swift communications you have these people whom you interact frequently using Snapchat at the top of your Send to list. This is regularly updated by Snapchat itself. This way you do not have to browse through the entire list time and again as you want to send your frequently contacted persons messages.

Snapchat Order Best Friends

So the most obvious way to have someone at the top of your Snapchat best friends list is to interact more frequently with them. But what if it is that annoying boss or ex? You don’t want to pop those names up on your best friends list. So how to do that even if you keep contacting them often?

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How Can You Remove Someone From Your Snapchat Best Friend List?

Just interact with other people more frequently because Snapchat does not allow you to chuck someone out of your best friends list. You will see that new name popping up on your best friends list after 24 or 48 hours.

In other social media platforms you could just click on someone’s profile and click a button but it is not how Snapchat works. The only key to making someone your Snapchat best friend is to interact with them frequently. Even they should also interact with you.

Snapchat Order Best Friends

These interactions should go on for minimum two to three days after which you get an emoticon icon beside their name and you have them in your Snapchat best friends list.

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What Is Super Bff List on Snapchat?

How to get someone on your Super BFF list? Just snap that person every single day for an entire month. They stay your best friends if you keep interacting with them. They will have a snap streak emoticon beside their name as well.

But this new Snapchat update comes with an added advantage as you cannot see other user’s best friends which you could before this update.


When you see those names popping up in your best friends list who are not even friends in your real life then it may feel annoying. Hope this article was helpful. If you liked it then share your opinions in the comments. If there is something that I missed out then please add it in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Rearrange Your Best Friends List on Snapchat?

Snapchat does not allow this to happen manually. You can’t even remove them from the best friends list. The only way is to interact less frequently with them as compared to the other contacts or delete them from your contact list.

What Order Is Snapchat Friends List?

It is based on how frequently you have sent snaps to an user in the last seven days and how often that user has sent snaps to you.

How Does the Snapchat Best Friends List Work?

It has been explained in the article.

What Is the Ranking of Best Friends on Snapchat?

This has been explained in the article.