How to Backup Contacts on iPhone Using Effective Ways

Hi, so, you are an iPhone lover. And loved not to remember contact numbers like me. Yeah, I got you right. That’s why you want to know how to backup contacts on iPhone? 

Being, secure is the best. As you know precaution is better than cure. Deleting contacts and then crying. Is not the right option at all. But, backup your contacts is an amazing decision. There are several ways to backup your contacts on your iPhone. I am going to share the most effective ways with you. So, that you could easily make a backup of your contacts. Let us start. 

How to Backup Contacts on iPhone

The biggest problem which people face is you want to take a backup of one contact or all contacts or are unable to do so. Selectively. I have shared four effective ways. Though which

  • You can use iTunes way to backup all your phone data
  • Using dr. fone is a good way. If you want a backup of all contacts only.
  • You might go with the clouds method if you want to backup individual contact 
  • Last but not least. You can use this way if you want your backup contacts at any device where you log in to your email id. 

It completely depends upon you. The way you would love to prefer. Four of them are unique and provide different benefits. To get detailed information on the steps. You need to follow the steps carefully. 

How to Backup Contacts on iPhone

Way1- Backup Contacts Using Itunes

Backup contacts in iPhone using iTunes is a common method. But, before using this you have to know that you cannot save one contact individually or restore contact individually. But, on the other hand, if you want to backup your mobile data. There is nothing faster and easiest way than this one. 

  1.  Go to iTunes and connect your iPhone to a computer
  2.  the iTunes will automatically detect your phone
  3.  here you will see your device tab. Click on it
  4.  locate summary and click on backup now
  5.  then I don’t automatically backup all data of your phone including contacts

Note: this process will backup all your phone data not only contacts if you want to backup only contacts then Dr Fone will be the best option for you

Way2- Backup Contact Using Doctor Fone Without iTunes

This process will select pack up the contact you need even when you have a list of contacts. if you by mistake delete any of your contacts then you need not worry this is the best option for you this will help you to recover your deleted contacts. When you restore your contact for any data from this app there will be no changes and deletion in the data. 

  1. Install DR Fone on your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer
  2. Here you will see so many tools, select the phone backup tool
  3.  Now, you can contact backup. Select contacts among all supported file types and hit backup and voila! 
  4. Note: you can also backup iMessage, Facebook messages, photos, images etc. 
  5. Congratulations you have finally backup your iPhone contacts. but make sure you have saved them on your PC. Provide the opportunity for you to save in .HTML, .vcard .CSV file
  6. To do this simply click “ export to PC” and save it in the format of your choice.

 This is a very fast and easier method. I hope this method is good for you

Way3- Backup Contacts Using Cloud

In this process, you simply need to turn on backup and backup up your contacts. Saving contacts in the cloud also means whenever you need your contacts. You can simply enter your id and get them easily. Without any problem. Let us start with how to backup contacts using the cloud.

  1. Tap Settings on the home screen
  2. Submit your Apple ID at the top of the list
  3.  If you have not signed in before signing in first. 
  4. Tap iCloud
  5. Click on the contacts to turn them on
  6.  If prompted, select to merge contacts with iCloud
  7.  At the bottom of the least, you will see the iCloud backup app. tap on
  8.  Turn iCloud backup on if it is disabled
  9.  Select backup now and wait for the backup to complete

Way4- Backup Contacts via Email

If you remember your email id. You can log in to that on any device and get your backup contacts easily with you. In any device. This method is best if you love to change your phone. 

  1. The very first step is to click on settings and then select mail, contact, calendar
  2.  Here we’ll see our new page, select “ Add account” on the new page
  3.  From the list of options click on settings and then Backup. 
  4.  Here you have to enter your required information
  5.  And your page will appear where you have to select save and export

backup contacts via email

Here, you go 

 I hope, this article is helpful for you. if you want to share something related to this article. feel free to reach us in the comment section

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