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 How to Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset on Samsung?

How to Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset on Samsung?

Nothing could be more frustrating than being stuck on the Google Account Verification page. Especially, if your second-hand phone was locked out by the last owner or you forgot your Google account or password. Also, sign-in details are required after you reset your Samsung tablet, Samsung A21, S20, etc.

This post covers authentic and tested methods for how to bypass Google Account Verification after reset on Samsung.

Part 1. What is Google Account Verification?

Google Account Verification (FRP) is an advanced security feature introduced in the Android 5.1 lollipop. FRP protects your phone’s confidential data if lost or be stolen by ceasing access to your phone. But It can also lock you out once you forgot your Google account.

So, how to bypass Google lock?

Part 2. How to Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset on Android 5-11?

Are you running Android 5-11? Then this method will magically work for you.

How to bypass Google account verification with PC?

The shortest and conceptual solution to bypass Google Account with PC is to use a trusted FRP unlocker. That guarantees the safety of your phone. Yes! iToolab UnlockGo (Android) is the only tool that gives you instant results in less time. Its built-in powerful tools successfully bypass Samsung FRP and Google verification. The bypass tool runs the unlocking process by connecting your device to a PC and unlocks the phone in 3 simple steps. The iToolab technicians programmed the tool in a way to make it easier to use and effective on the major smartphone brands.

Here are quick takeaways of UnlockGo (Android) to know what benefits you get from this tool.

  • Instantly bypass Google account (FRP) in Samsung devices supporting OS version 5-11.
  • Professionally removes FRP locks without a Google account or password and rewards you with full device control.
  • Unlocks all types of Android screen locks PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint with ease.
  • Unlocks face locks in case you bought a second-hand locked phone with face recognition.
  • Supports 2000+ Android devices and tablet models of popular brands Samsung, Huawei, LG, Google Motorolla, Vivo, and more. Sony and Oppo are coming to you soon.
  • An easy operating system for non-technical users.

Warm Tip

You can remove your Google account without data loss through UnlockGo (Android) if you are running a Samsung Android phone earlier S7.

  • Galaxy Note II /3/4/8
  • Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6
  • Galaxy Tab

How to bypass Google verification in 5 minutes?

iToolab UnlockGo (Android) is a worth trying tool to bypass Google account for your locked phone. All you need to do is just download and install the UnlockGo (Android) and follow the easy steps.

Step 1: Connect your Samsung phone with computer

As you downloaded and installed the tool, connect Samsung device with your computer via USB and run UnlockGo (Android). Select the option Remove Google Lock (FRP). Click the Start button.

Step 2: Select the right OS version of the Samsung phone

The next screen asks you to enter the correct OS version of your Samsung phone from the list. Choose the version that you are using and keep the Wi-Fi connection throughout the process.

Step 3: Get a Notification from UnlockGo (Android)

At this step, your Samsung device will receive an alert notification that UnlockGo (Android) bypasses the FRP. Avoid disruptions like using a phone during the process. Then follow the guiding steps on the UnlockGo for Android.

And congrats, you bypass Google Account in 5 minutes with just 3 steps and a few clicks.

Enjoy ownership of your fully-featured unlocked phone.


  • A malware-free tool with a strong unlocking system.
  • Unlocks your phone in a few minutes.
  • No hidden policies.
  • Perfect and complete guidelines about device support and OS version compatibility.
  • Update to the latest version automatically.
  • No technical expertise is required.


  • Subscription services.
  • Needs a computer to complete the process.

Part 3. How to bypass Google Lock with Google SwiftKey?

Step 1: Reset your device. Choose a language and connect your phone with Wi-Fi.

Step 2: A Google account Sign-in page will appear on the next screen with a Google Swiftkey pop-up at the bottom. Hold the “@” key on the keyboard until the Settings option appears, select Google Keyboard Settings.

Step 3: Click on three dots that appear in the upper-right corner of your screen. Tap it to choose Help & Feedback.

Step 4: Select Using Google Keyboard in the help box. Tap and hold any text showing on this page and click the Web search option.

Step 5: Type Settings. As the search bar displays, move down to the menu to search for About Phone.

Step 6: Search the Build Number here and click it 7 times, it enables Developer Options.

Step 7: Move back to the menu, choose the Developer option, tap OEM Unlocking >> click Back two times.

Step 8: Lastly, restart your phone and link it with Wi-Fi. Create a new Google Account and that’s it!


  • Free usage.
  • Bypass Google account verification without PC.


  • Works only in Android 7 or below.
  • Complicated process.
  • Need technical skills.
  • Time-consuming (approx.30 minutes).

Final Words

Google shows thousands of results when you search for how to bypass Google Account Verification after reset. Most methods are complicated or may harm your device. A clear comparison between the two methods proved that iToolab UnlockGo (Android) is the better choice. It helps you to bypass Google Account verification skillfully with specialized features.

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