What is the Daily Tweet Rate Limit on Twitter? How to Bypass It?


Since Elon Musk took over Twitter at the end of last year, policy changes that make people mad have become a regular part of the site. He recently said that Twitter users can only see a certain number of posts every day. People who didn’t like the change looked for ways to stop it from happening. So, if you came here to find an answer, stay tuned as we talk about five ways to get around Twitter’s rate limit.

What is Twitter Rate Limit? Why Was it Implemented?

Twitter has put a cap on how many tweets a user can look at in one day. Musk says the limit is there to “address extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation.” The investor said that the new options would stop AI companies, startups, and large tech companies from using the platform.

With this new rule, they won’t be able to use Twitter to find out a lot of information or mess with the system. Musk said in a tweet, “It’s kind of annoying to have to bring online a lot of servers quickly just to help some AI startup get an outrageous valuation.”

How to Bypass the Daily Tweet Rate Limit on Twitter

A lot of data from Twitter and other places on the web is used to teach the technology behind generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Chai.AI, Janitor AI, and so on. But it also means that a lot of data is scraped and the system is messed with.

If you see “Rate Limit Exceeded” as a mistake on Twitter, it means: 1) You’ve already seen as many Tweets as you can for the day. If you want to see new posts, you’ll have to wait until the day is over. 2) You use Twitter a lot.

Verified accounts can see up to 6,000 posts per day, unverified accounts can see up to 600 posts per day, and new accounts that haven’t been accepted yet can see up to 300 posts per day. If you go over the limit, you’ll get an error message saying “Rate limit exceeded” and won’t be able to use Twitter for the day.

How To Bypass Twitter Daily Rate Limit?

People on Twitter, especially unknown users, didn’t like Musk’s choice to limit how many tweets you can see every day. Because of this, Twitter users are looking for ways to get around the limit on how many tweets they can read per day. The good news is that it is possible.

Method 1: Change the Platform

Switching platforms is the best way to fix the “Rate limit exceeded” message and get around the daily limits. For example, if you were using the Twitter Android app, you could try using the Twitter website in a web browser like Chrome, Opera, Brave, Edge, etc.

You can also use Safari to switch from the Twitter iOS app to Twitter.com. You can also put Twitter on your iPhone’s home screen. You can go back to the Twitter app after using the website. The answer is the same for both sides.

Android users can also use Twitter in a mobile browser as a PWA (Progressive Web App). To do this, open Chrome and go to Twitter.com. Then, tap the three-dot menu. Now, tap “Install the app” and “Install” in the box that appears. After the process is done, you can use Twitter as much as you want.

Method 2: Use Twitter with the Opera Gx browser

Soon after the limit was announced, Opera GX put out an update to its browser that lets you post to Twitter more often than the limit allows. It also fixed the quote Tweet bug, which was very important. Opera GX is the game version of the famous Opera browser, in case you didn’t know. So, if you use Twitter every day, you should use the Opera GX browser.

  • You can get the Opera GX browser on your computer or phone by downloading it.
  • Sign in to your Twitter account on the site.
  • You don’t need to mess with it because it’s so easy. Now, you don’t have to worry about the daily cap when you look through your feed.

Method 3: Install Old Twitter Layout Chrome Extension

The Old Twitter layout app, as its name suggests, changed its style to the one from 2015. It doesn’t add anything new to the Twitter app that you already have. It works on Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Opera because it is a Chrome app. Let’s figure out how to assemble it.

How to Bypass the Daily Tweet Rate Limit on Twitter

  • The Old Twitter Layout app can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.
  • If you go to Twitter, you can see how it looked before the new style was put in place.
  • Click the app’s button to make more changes.
  • If you click the three dots next to the Old Twitter Layout app, you’ll see a list of choices.
  • To get to the settings, choose.
  • Here, you can change the plan to make it work for you. This is a great choice if you miss the old Twitter.

Method 4: Visit Tweetdeck To Use Twitter

Tweetdeck is a service that lets you do everything you can on Twitter. It also has many extra functions and ways to make it your own.

How to Bypass the Daily Tweet Rate Limit on Twitter

To use Tweetdeck, do these things:

  • On the home page of the site, you can sign in to your Twitter account.
  • Now, on your computer, open a new window and go to tweetdeck.twitter.com.
  • Next, connect your Twitter account to Tweetdeck.
  • Last, learn how Twitter works and then use it.

The only bad thing about Tweetdeck is that it doesn’t have a mobile app (yet). But people can use Twitter by opening the Web app on the browser on their phones. It works with most browsers, such as Chrome, Brave, Opera, etc. It even works on iPhones and iPads with Safari.

Method 5: Set Up Alternative Twitter Accounts

The best way to get around Twitter’s rate cap and see as many tweets as you want is to make and use more than one account. You can only see 600 tweets a day if you only have one Twitter account that isn’t confirmed. You can see 1200 tweets a day if you make two more accounts. New users can only look at 300 tweets a day right now.

When Twitter does what it said it would do and raises the limits, you’ll be able to look at about 2,000 tweets a day with your three accounts. When your daily limit is hit, you have to keep switching between them. You can sign up for as many free Twitter accounts as you want.


The Twitter Rate Limit has been raised to 10,000 posts per day for verified accounts, 1,000 posts per day for unknown accounts, and 500 posts per day for new unconfirmed accounts. Because of this, Twitter users get errors like “Rate limit exceeded” or “Cannot retrieve Tweets at this time” when they try to read tweets. This is making people look for other services to use instead of Twitter.

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