How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription?


Apple Music is one of the best ways to listen to music online. It has a huge library of songs, videos, and custom playlists. Music lovers all over the world now pick it first. You may still decide to end your Apple Music membership at some point. There are several ways to end your subscription, and this article will explain why someone might want to do that.

Why Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription?

You should think about why you might want to cancel your Apple Music subscription before you learn how to do it. This could be because they don’t like the same music, don’t have enough money, or want to switch devices. It could also be because they were surprised by charges when they renewed their subscription.

There are several reasons a person might decide to stop paying for Apple Music, such as:

  • Price: Apple Music costs money every month, and some users may not need it or believe it’s too pricey for their music needs.
  • Should you switch the music you like? If you no longer like the same kinds of music or don’t listen to as much as you used to, your subscription may not be worth the money.
  • You may no longer use Apple Music because you found a better service that meets your needs or has features that Apple Music doesn’t have.
  • If your device has a lot of music files, a nearby music library can help you sort them out and play them. This could be used instead of a service that lets you stream.
  • Bad Internet Connection: To stream Apple Music, you need a stable internet connection. If your internet is slow or goes down a lot, it might be a pain to use.
  • Because their phones don’t have enough space, some users might not want to download music to listen to when they’re not online. A streaming service is not as helpful for these people.
  • Some Apple Music subscribers might decide to cancel because they don’t trust Apple to keep their data safe. Apple collects data as part of its music service.
  • You could switch to Amazon Music, Tidal, or Spotify if you want to listen to music on the go. Each service has a different library of music and set of features.
  • Have you changed your plans for the family? You might want to get off of your family plan or switch to a single plan if you’re already on one.
  • After everything is said and done, someone may decide to cancel their Apple Music subscription because their tastes or circumstances have changed. Choose a music service that works for you and doesn’t cost too much.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription?

Take these steps to stop having to pay for Apple Music.

Using Your iOS Device

People who use Apple products don’t have to do much to stop Apple Music. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad to start. After that, tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen. Move your mouse over “Subscriptions” and then “Apple Music.” One last thing to do is to tap “Cancel Subscription” and then follow the on-screen directions to cancel.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription

Using iTunes

Keep your Apple Music account in order with these steps if you’d rather use iTunes on your computer. Sign in with your Apple ID in iTunes, then go to the “Account” tab. Go to your account settings and click “View My Account.” Select “Settings” and click “Manage” next to “Subscriptions.” Fifth, to end your subscription, go to “Cancel Subscription” and follow the steps on the screen.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription

On Android

Apple Music is also fun for people who don’t have any Apple products. On an Android phone or tablet, you need to open the Apple Music app to cancel your Apple Music offer. There are three straight lines in the upper left corner. Put pressure on them. You can click on “Account” or “Manage Membership.” Last but not least, click “Cancel Subscription” and make sure you really want to stop.

Through Apple’s Website

Apple’s website makes it easy to cancel your Apple Music subscription if you like to do things online. To start, go to the Apple website and sign in with your Apple ID. Go to “Subscriptions” and click “Manage.” To finish, click “Cancel Subscription” and do what it says on the screen.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription


So that it works with a lot of different devices and tastes, Apple Music makes it easy to cancel your plan. You can cancel your subscription on the Apple website, iTunes, Android, or your iOS device, among other places. Pick the method that works best for you. Then just follow the steps given. To read more content like this, visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I quit Apple Music, will I lose the music and playlists I’ve saved?

Sure, you can listen to the music and playlists you’ve saved until the end of the billing period.

Is it possible to end my Apple Music trial early?

You can stop your subscription during the trial period so that you don’t get charged at the end.

How much does it cost to stop Apple Music?

You don’t need to pay anything to return the item. It won’t cost you anything extra to cancel your subscription whenever you want.

I stopped Apple Music. Can I start it up again?

Do the same things you did the first time to come back at any time.

The way I paid has either run out or changed. What will happen if I don’t stop my membership?

This is how Apple Music will try to charge you. If it doesn’t work, your subscription will be held until the issue is fixed.

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