How to Cancel Showtime Free Trial on Amazon?


You can try paid material for free before you have to pay for it because these services change all the time. Showtime is the big name in this field, and you can get to it through Amazon. There are lots of fun movies and TV shows. As much fun as it is to try Showtime for free, you should know how to end your account. Your Amazon Showtime free sample is almost over. This guide should have helped you figure out what to do and what to think about next.

What is the Showtime Free Trial on Amazon?

Before we talk about how to stop, let’s look at how the Showtime free trial on Amazon works. During these trials, which last from a week to a month, people can watch any movie or TV show on Showtime. But keep in mind that these trials will often easily turn into paid contracts if you don’t stop them.

The Significance of Cancelling Your Free Trial

So you don’t get charged for things you didn’t ask for, you should know how to end your Showtime free trial. You will be charged for the full service if you don’t stop using it. Stopping your contracts before they change over on their own is a good way to make sure they meet your needs and your budget.

Steps to Cancel Showtime Free Trial on Amazon

Just do these simple things to start the cancellation process:

Step 1. Log in to your Amazon account. Sign in to your Amazon account with the same information you used to sign up for Showtime.

Step 2. Go to Your Subscriptions and Memberships: After you log in, look for the “Account & Lists” drop-down button. Select “Memberships & Subscriptions” from the list that appears.

How to Cancel Showtime Free Trial on Amazon?

Step 3. Look for the Showtime account you signed up for. Check the list of services you have signed up for under “Memberships & Subscriptions” to find your Showtime offer.

Step 4. Make sure you’re registered. The link to become a Showtime member will take you to a page where you can do this. On this page, you can pick from some services.

Step 5. Fifth, cancel your subscription. Find a button that says “Cancel Subscription” or something similar that is easy to see. To start the cancellation process, click on it.

How to Cancel Showtime Free Trial on Amazon?

Step 6. Do what it says to do to be sure. When you click “Cancel Subscription,” Amazon may ask you to confirm. Before you follow the steps on the screen, make sure you want to make the choice.

Step 7. Confirm the cancellation. After you confirm the cancellation, look over your contract again to make sure it’s still in place. Check to see if the process you used to end your free Showtime trial worked. They may send you a message if they want to be sure.

How to Cancel Showtime Free Trial on Amazon?

Additional Considerations

When people know more about streaming services, they can make better choices:

1. How much membership costs each month: Find out how much an Amazon Showtime membership costs each month. This will help us figure out how well the funds match up.

2. Stuff that isn’t on Showtime: Check out the different kinds of stuff that is on Showtime. Make sure the site has the movies, TV shows, and shows that you like.

3. Deals and trial extensions: Keep an eye out for any deals or trial extensions that Showtime offers. If a platform wants more people to use it, it may offer deals or add new features.


It’s smart to end your free Showtime trial on Amazon so that the switch goes smoothly and you don’t have to pay extra. Follow the steps in this guide and take a bigger look at streaming services. Then you can pick what to watch or listen to.

In the end, as a customer, you have more power if you understand your subscription, how to stop it, and other bigger issues. With this method, you can pick fun things to do that don’t cost a lot of money.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a lot of questions about how to stop your Amazon Showtime free trial. Here are some answers:

Can I end the free trial whenever I want?

Sure, go ahead. You can stop the free trial of Showtime on Amazon whenever you want. You’ll save cash this way.

Will I still be able to get in if I cancel?

As for A, access wasn’t quickly taken away. You can watch Showtime as long as the trial is still active. By canceling, you are only stopping the rerun from happening as planned.

Do I have to start the free trial all over again?

Free trials usually only work for one person at a time. If you use the same account to start a free trial again, it might not work.

How do I know for sure that the cancellation is real?

Yes, you can check on your Amazon account by going to the settings page after ending your contract. If Amazon thinks the order is okay, they may also email you.

What should I do if I want to join again?

For the second time, you can join, but this time you’ll have to pay. One person can usually get a free taste at a time.

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