Rubber-tipped are very commonplace. But all of them come in just one size  which doesn’t fit doesn’t fit everyone’s ears, you’re  right if you want a custom size for your Airpod pro that fits you best.

Apple has revolutionized this scenario with a solution called AirPods Pro. When you buy a pair of AirPods Pro you get three different sets of rubber ear tips, all of which have different sizes for different users. So, you can adjust the ear tips according to your ear shape. How can you know which size fits you best?  Take a free test if you like to discover which size is for you.

How to Change Airpod Pro Tips

When you want to change them then you have to remove the existing ear tips and it is not as hard as it seems. Follow these steps to change your ear tips on your AirPods then you could clean them or change them according to your requirements.

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How to Change Your Airpod Pro Ear Tips

It shouldn’t take much effort to remove the tips on your AirPods. It is advisable to remove the tips if you want to clean the tips or the earbuds.

Pinch your fingers firmly on either side of the rubber insert >>

Still pinching pull the tip off the AirPod pro>>

Continue until it comes off with a click >>
(It may seem like exerting force but it does require some force and don’t worry to exert it for it won’t break your AirPod Pro.

You could alternatively invert the rubber if you are worried of the rubber ripping off.)

Now choose the desired pair of ear tips from the box according to your size: There are Small, Medium, and Large sizes available >>

(When you just buy the AirPod Pro then the tips that come attached are of Medium size.

You should go for a bigger size if they hurt or cause irritation to your ears;

You should go for a smaller size if they often fall out off your ears

You can compare the sizes by keeping all the sizes side by side but if you are confused then try looking at the base of the ear bud which has associated letter printed there).

Now hold this new tip in this manner >>

Line up the oval at the side of the tip with the oval on the AirPod’s speaker >>
Press the tip gently >>

Do this until it falls into place >>
Wait until it clicks.

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You must have the best size of tips for better hearing, comfort and good health. Hope this article was helpful. If you liked it then share your opinions in the comments. If there is something that I missed out then please add it in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Change Airpod Pro Tips

How to Use the Airpod Ear Tip Fit Test to Find the Best Ear Tips?

You have to find the best sizes for your AirPod Ear Tip as it is your health at stake especially if you use the gadget a lot for study or work. A wrong decision could cause irritation, skin problems and all that and even liquid pus to discharge of the ears. So if you want to be extra cautious and don’t feel that the feel itself isn’t enough to take this decision then feel free to take  the AirPod Ear Tip Fit Test  to help you out. But this test runs only on your iPhone iOS 13.2 or later.

 Here’s how to take the test:

 Plug your AirPod Pros into your ears >>
Go to Settings in your device >>
Click on Bluetooth >>
Find  AirPods Pro which should be on the list of your Bluetooth devices >>

Find a tiny i info icon at the right side >>
The AirPod Settings page opens >>
Scroll down to find “Ear Tip Fit Test” and click on it >>
Click on ‘Continue’ >>
If you are ready to begin the test then click on “Play” button>>

The phone will play some music for few seconds through the AirPods to find the degree of the seal between the headphone you are wearing and your ears.

These results are possible>>

If the seal is adequate and permits adequate noise cancellation>>

Image of the AirPod on your screen will show “Good Seal” in green

If the seal is not adequate>>

It will turn yellow and say “Adjust or Try a Different Ear Tip.”>>

So you should take the test using ear tips of other sizes now.

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How to Change Airpod Pro Tips

Can You Change Airpod Pro Tips?

Yes, when you purchase AirPod pro the box contains three tips: small, medium and big. You could easily change to the size that fits you the best.