Are you looking for a way to rename Airpods pro?

There was a time when no Bluetooth earbuds existed for listening and communicating while on the go. But gradually, things have changed.

Today, when you will look in the market for Bluetooth options, you will realize that the AirPods are the best ones. You can customize your AirPods settings in many different ways. I am going to discuss how to change AirPods’ name on various devices.

Many people have recently asked me this question, this is why I am going to explain the best steps to rename your AirPods.

Let’s dive right in.How to change Airpods Name on iPhone

How to Rename your AirPods on iPhone?

1. First, connect AirPods with your iPhone. Now, go to the Bluetooth settings in your phone and look for your AirPods.

2. Now, tap on the info icon that reads ‘i’. This will lead you to the settings page.

3. On this page, you can rename AirPods by tapping on the Name.

4. After that, you will be taken into the edit window. Write any name you want and click on the save changes button.

Ta-da! You have successfully changed your AirPods name.

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How to Change Name of Your AirPods on MacBook?

How to change Airpods Name on iPhone

If you want to know, how to rename Apple AirPods on MacBook, follow the easy steps below:

  • On your launchpad, head to the system preferences. 
  • Now, you need to enter into the Bluetooth preferences by selecting Bluetooth.
  • After that, look for your AirPods name under the Bluetooth preferences. Wait… do not think about clicking on the options button. It is not that easy.
  • Now, you have to face the tricky part. But don’t worry I am here and I will get you through it. Even though you see the options button, you have to right-click on the devices’ name. This way, you can see the rename option.

If you have no idea about how to do right-click on the MacBook trackpad, you can use a two-finger tap.

Once you see the rename tab, fill in the name you want and save the changes.

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How to Reset AirPods Name on Android?

How to change Airpods Name on iPhone

So, you are using AirPods on an Android phone?


I know, you are here to know how you can change AirPods name on Android. So, without taking too much time, let’s explore the easy steps.

  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your Android phone. You know, how you can do this. Simply, tap and hold the Bluetooth icon on the notification bar.
  • Now, go into the previously paired devices.This is how you will see the list of devices that your Android phone ever connected to. But here you have to look for your current AirPods name.
  • Once you see your device’s name, do you notice a smallish settings icon in front of it?
  • Well, go ahead, tap on the icon and enter into the device settings menu.
  • And do not tap on the device name, as it will only trigger the connection of AirPods and Android phone.
  • On the top right corner, tap on the edit icon. It will open the window where you can rename your AirPods.
  • After that, type your new name as per your choice and tap on rename below.

Ta-da! You have renamed AirPods successfully.

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How to Change AirPods Settings?

Connect AirPods with your iPhone. Go to the Bluetooth > then search for your AirPods name > Tap on i – here you can change any settings as per your convenience.

Summing Up

In this article, I have explained how to change Airpods name in a few simple steps. Now, I hope you have successfully renamed your Airpods name. It is fun changing the names and use what you love the most. I also do it all the time. And the good part is that, it will not take a complicated process to change the Airpods name. Thus, it is very simple and anyone can do it.

Share your experience of using AirPods and renaming them on your device. I would love to hear it.

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